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Olympus - Overture
« on: February 19, 2009, 08:42:14 PM »
This is an original story I started for one of my classes (Is Fiction/Fantasy). I've been working on its plot for 1yr+ time and I plan to take it further. If the title is no indication enough, the story was heavily influenced by Saint Seiya, and, like it says in the titles as well, this is only its opening.


Olympus – The First Wing


His hand was trembling, he found it surprising. Only by straining his mind and forcing his memory beyond human capabilities, something that he proudly found himself able to do, could he recall the last time he had lost control of a part of his body without the presence of a second party standing in front of him. A smile, that must could have considered as wicked he admitted, formed on his lips as the autumn winds flew pass him in their cold relenting rush, swirling through everything there was before claiming even the far sky, he looked up and try to chase after them as much as his eyes would let them. Winds of change, that’s what they old folks tended to call them.

Yes, things were about to be set into flux indeed, thought it was more like a mighty cyclone that would devastate and obliterate the mundane cloak that had shrouded the world, the veil of worthlessness that eroded the earth and decayed it into something sick and disgusting, the mental that he had come to hate so much. The mere thought of it been torn to shreds excited him to the point of intoxication.

The battlefields were drawing near. He could already discern the marching and the trumpets, the swords and the shields, the thrusts and the slashes, and the shouts and cries. Oh, how much he missed them, how much he yearn for them, how much he needed them, or, at least, that’s what he was told.

The stage was almost ready for the grand opening. Soon, Mercury would finally finish its task, it would leave the night sky and the aggravating prologue would be put to rest and the true play would finally be given free reign. He was thrilled that he had front seats for the premier.

Most characters were already in position waiting for the signal to begin. It had taken strenuous effort of his part to make sure that everything was set for the newcomer’s debut. The whole ordeal could be referred to as “Extreme Babysitting,” to say that he was irritated after so many nights that he had to sacrifice in order to give Mercury a free pass through the firmament would be the epitome of understatement. How could someone so ordinary and feeble have some many needs? The answer escaped him and he doubted that he would be able to find it with the could autumn wind buffeting his face as it swirled through everything there was before raising and claiming even the far sky, its movement was incredibly beautiful in his eyes. Well, the poor by wasn’t completely at fault for the great grievances he had made him go through; after all, he was still one of them.

Them. His eyes shifted towards the ground far beneath him. The thousands of pathetic fire ants were still rushing in from all directions, dashing off towards useless goals, wasting everything away aft the waited for some one to come and squash them all. How disgusting they all were. He would never admit that he was ever one of them at some point in his past. As far as he was concern, which in turn was the only thing that really matter to him, this had always been his position, sitting high above them as their superior, watching them and passing judgment, waiting for an excuse to finally end their pitiable little lives. How could he have ever been one of them? How could he have ever been so far down into the ground not to notice was a despicable place this deplorable world truly was? Never had he read a book where the observer was ever observed, then again he wasn’t really prone to reading, and then again he really could not be called a “normal case” in any way, but-why was he mind looking for counterexamples to his argument?! He damned to hell every philosopher and psychiatrist that ever lived.

Setting his eyes back on the subject of his aversion, he opening his mouth and let out a single word, one filled with disgust and disdain, repulsion and contempt. “Humans…” He whispered, and that word said it all. Looking down at them all he could really see was the light of their cars as they sped off to some nonessential matter. They were nothing but gleaming ants from up here, where his eyes belonged. How much he wished for that excuse. He was forced to share a world that had been tainted by the pathetic, worthless lives. He was sick of been stuck in a bystander role, he was fed up with having to watch how these humans steamrolled the world towards its end, having to bare witness to the travesty of their existence, and he was tired of simply clenching his fist and gritting his teeth. He had been waiting for far too long, the leash had already become too uncomfortable, and one can only keep a stray dog in check for so long.

It wasn’t completely the poor bastard’s fault, he decided. And the boy would soon make up for all the trouble he had caused him with his feeble needs. He would more that make up for it by giving him the only things he truly needed, he truly desired, an overture and the tearing of the leash. The smile returned to Mars’ face as he stood up. Dark red locks swayed by the cold autumn wind as it swirled through everything there was before raising pass the clouds and claiming what was beyond the far sky, red eyes tried to follow it pass Nyx’s blanket and into the faraway  planet that was speeding off on its path. Yes, it wasn’t completely Hermes’ fault; after all, he was still human, for now.

The curtains were about to go up, he could feel it exiting his blood, and neither the purging lighting, nor the torrential tidal wave, nor the gates of hell themselves could stop it. He could fill the moment of fruition nearing and the thrill drowning him, he could barely contain the part of him that set him aside from them; he didn’t know how long the leash would hold. His hand was already trembling.

The lock’s click sounded throughout the apartment. As his feet dragged his body on their own accord, his eyes could help but notice how orange the room had become. Another day had escaped him by, another day he had wasted.

Stopping at the kitchen long enough to make sure that he hadn’t make a mistake the previous day when he realized he was out of soda, he continued on his march through the deadly silent halls, accompany by the sound of lack of life.

His eyes shifted involuntarily to the side as he neared his destination. A picture of his brother’s graduation stood suspended on a table on the side of the hall. Probably his parents’ proudest moment, he reason nonchalantly, when their son’s superiority from all humanity was finally acknowledge and recognize. The handsome young man stood there smiling at him as he held the awards and honors bestowed upon him, standing there grinning like it was nothing. And maybe it was, he certainly would know. He had ended up been so dissimilar to his brother that he had never receive any sort of commemoration, nor was he ever the one to stand like a beacon of light like the son before him did.

For as long as he could remember, his brother had been their parent’s son, while he had to make due with been their other son. He had wasted away his days eclipsed from any spotlight by his brother’s shadow, listened to a thousand and one praises that were not meant for him, given expectation that he’s ordinary abilities had no chance of meeting, and carried on his back words like “When your brother was here,” that seared his soul and stomped on his heart.

He wished nothing more than to hate his brother, to loath him with all the strength of his soul and damn him to the deepest layers of hell with his stomped on heart, to despise his presences and proclaim his hatred until his body gives up, but he could not. Just like everyone else in his life, he had been left spellbound by his brother’s charm. It was beyond his own feeble power to demonstrate any resentment towards someone that was so good, someone who had never thought highly of himself nor had demeaned him in anyways, someone that tried his best and had never let himself let anyone down, someone that he wished with all his soul, heart, and body to be like.

More than once he had caught himself wondering what God’s intention was for giving his family a second son like him. Placing someone so feeble and pitiable next to someone so great, was it simply to make his brother look better by comparison? Certainly Arthur didn’t need any help improving other’s perception of him, but, then, why? Why was he here? What was he suppose to do as someone so pathetic that he couldn’t even hate the avatar of his torment? What could he do that would affect this world, or even a single life, in any way?

Continuing on his way, he gritted his teeth, the echo of his footsteps through the desolated apartment caused his body to cringe with a cruel mixture of sadness and disappointment, sorrow and dejection. He didn’t even bother to check the guess room, he didn’t need to acknowledge the fact that Cecile wasn’t there; with all of her hours going towards her internship he really didn’t expect her to be in here much, it was only a formality for his parent that he was staying with them in the first place.

Finally reaching his room, he wasted no time to fling his backpack across the alcove and let his body get reacquainted with the bed. A small smile formed on his face at the slight happiness of been in the one place in the entire world where he would dare to say, to dream, that he mattered.

His eyes suddenly snapped open, startling him with the realization that he had been falling asleep. Lifting his body from the comforting mattress and pushing his unruly dark hair from his eyes, he directed his gaze towards the door. Emerald orbs found themselves looking at oblivion. A small fragment of his mind had made the foolish error of, at some point between waking up and separating himself from the bed, wishing for someone to be standing at the door, to be standing there for him.

Marcus sighed as he let himself fall back into the bed; the fabric now felt cold and uncomfortable. There was no one in the room but him; everyone else had something else in their hearts which they desired more than to seek him. There was no one in the apartment but him; despite the upcoming even his parents had opted to go halfway around the world for Arthur’s debut as a starting member of some soccer team, leaving Cecile to keep him nonexistent company. There was no one else in his world, just because he couldn’t see anyone else but him.

Cecile was really close to finishing her internship, it was just common sense that the last part was more hectic for her and that she had no other choice but to attend to her matters first before she could even offer him some company. His parents at first had decided to stay with him in light of the soon to come date, but Marcus had known what they truly wanted, and who was he to deny the person who gave him life what their hearts really desired? So he had convinced them to go be with Arthur; after all, his birthday couldn’t compare to the birth of a soccer star.

His world remained empty though. He knew reasons for it, he spent hours contemplating them all, but no rationalization could fill the void nor did they make the dreadful silent anymore bearable. He had always felt alone he had always felt that everyone was moving at a set pace, but no matter how hard he strained, how much he pushed himself, he could never run fast enough to catch them up, he was still the other son trailing behind them, watching their back as he was chained to the ground.

“I wish…I could move faster…” His stomped on heart took a chance, but the plea was given to an absent audience.

Opting to leave any work for later, the sixteen year-old shifted his body, searching for a position where his body could feel at peace and giving up soon after. This time it would be his decision to journey into a world where he wouldn’t be the other son, a world where he could feel like his existence had some value to it, where it didn’t seem he was wasting away the days, and he could finally stop seen the others’ back. “I want to move faster…Than anyone else.” Marcus dared to wish as he let his sight rest.