Author Topic: [Bleach] While we are drunk  (Read 1244 times)


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[Bleach] While we are drunk
« on: October 11, 2008, 11:14:20 AM »
Title: While we are drunk
Author: Shen
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hisagi's thoughts, Hisagi, Abarai, Ayasegawa, Madarame, Kira, Iba (his surname kills me), Matsumoto.
Paring: some hints of Hisagi-Abarai
Rating: T, to be safe
A/N: just random idea I get during really boring lecture xD
And sorry for my English ^_^


While people are drunk their minds tend to wander around. Their thoughts are far different from normal. They abandon their usual paths and walk through the big signs where big red letters says: 'Keep off the grass!'. They are walking through said grass, they sit on it, they sometimes eat it. Generally they do everything which usually they are not allowed. Partially this is why people like to drink. They like when their thoughts are like that.

Hisagi Shuuhei wasn't sure if he really like this state of mind but right now it wasn't any of his concerns. His thoughts decided to analyse his companions. While sober he would never do this. It would be meaningless in his opinion, and only took his precious time. But, well... He was drunk. And so his thoughts were free to do whatever they want.
And there they were analysing Hisagi's friends who were drunk.

Drunken Ikkaku was even louder and somehow more dangerous than normal. He wasn't speaking he was shouting. And luckily both seats, on his right and left side, were free. If someone would dare to sit there, he would probably end being hit by one of Ikkaku's hands.
Iba was loud as well. And if you count how strong his voice normally was then you can imagine how it was to try to tilt him. Fortunately he kept his hands near himself. Only because of it Renji was still concious.
And coming to Renji, in such situations it was so obvious that in the past he was part of 11th. Loud, a bit aggressive... He and Iba even after so many years spent with Kuchiki-taicho and Komamura-taicho respectively still have this 11th-like-thing in themselves.
In opposition to them Yumichika, who still was in 11th, hasn't this thing at all. Of course during a battle he was no less vicious and somehow bloodthirsty than a rest of 11th, but still. In normal life, during such drinking night like this, he didn't seem to be a part of Zaraki's team. It's even hard to say if he was really drunken or estimate how much he's already drunk. Perfect mystery. Like always concluded Hisahi's thoughts and moved to Rangiku.
She was happy. Really happy in some scary way. It's dangerous to sit near to her because from time to time she wants to hug someone and it was not really important who it's going to be. She was talking about injustice of love. Hisagi's thoughts were pretty sure nobody was listening to her. Or maybe Izuru was.
There was some similarity between Yumichika and Izuru. They both were drunken, even a bit, but they looked like normal. And while in Yumichika's case it was all about acting, then in Izuru's case Hisagi's thoughts weren't sure. They only had some theory. Theory which said that Izuru's face was simply unable to look truly happy. They didn't try to guess if it was always like this or was it due to Ichimaru-taicho's treachery.

'Earth to Shuuhei!!!'
Renji's voice made all Hisagi's thoughts froze.
'Earth to Shuuhei!!! Are u there???!!!'
'Shit! You wanna make me deaf?'
Hisagi snapped back what was welcomed by mass laugh outburst.
'Ne, Shuuhei, dontcha 'ink it's good time to back 'ome and rest?'
It was simple and logic question, but something in Renji's voice made this 'rest' thing questionable.
He answered and his thoughts get the idea that it would be fantastic to analyse behaviour of drunken Hisagi but for this they would need a place with large mirror...

The end
Kaaos on aina osa minua...