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Raiden [雷電]:

...I actually already made calculations for Saint Seiya characters, and here we go...

Seiya: Sagittarius-Rat-Owl.
Shiryu: Libra-Boar-Raven.
Hyoga: Aquarius-Boar-Otter.
Shun: Virgo-Ox-Bear.
Ikki: Leo-Dog-Salmon.
Jabu: Scorpio-Rat-Snake.
Ichi: Aquarius-Boar-Otter.
Nachi: Cancer-Rat-Woodpecker.
Ban: Capricorn-Dog-Goose.
Geki: Taurus-Boar-Beaver.
June: Aries-Rat-Hawk.

Black Pegasus: Cancer-Boar-Woodpecker.
Black Dragon: Leo-Dog-Salmon.
Black Cygnus: Capricorn-Dog-Goose.
Black Andromeda: Libra-Boar-Raven.
Jango: Leo-Sheep-Salmon.

Algethi: Leo-Monkey-Salmon.
Algol: Scorpio-Monkey-Snake.
Asterion: Pisces-Dog-Wolf.
Babel: Pisces-Rooster-Wolf.
Capella: Leo-Monkey-Salmon.
Daidalos/Albiore: Taurus-Sheep-Beaver.
Dante: Aries-Rooster-Hawk.
Dio: Cancer-Dog-Woodpecker.
Jamian: Leo-Rooster-Salmon.
Marin/Seika: Pisces-Dog-Wolf.
Misty: Libra-Rooster-Raven.
Moses: Leo-Monkey-Salmon.
Orphée: Scorpio-Horse-Snake.
Shaina: Aries-Dog-Hawk.
Sirius: Capricorn-Monkey-Goose.
Tremy/Ptolemy: Gemini-Dog-Elk.

Mu: Aries-Horse-Hawk.
Aldebaran: Taurus-Horse-Beaver.
Saga/Kanon: Gemini-Dog-Elk.
Deathmask: Cancer-Rabbit-Woodpecker. (WOODY THE WOODPECKER, ANYONE!? XD)
Aiolia: Leo-Snake-Salmon.
Shaka: Virgo-Snake-Bear.
Milo: Scorpio-Snake-Snake.
Aiolos: Sagittarius-Boar-Owl.
Shura: Capricorn-Tiger-Goose.
Camus: Aquarius-Horse-Otter.
Aphrodite: Pisces-Dragon-Wolf.

Thetis: Scorpio-Dog-Snake.
Baian: Taurus-Monkey-Beaver.
Io: Pisces-Rooster-Wolf.
Krishna: Leo-Horse-Salmon.
Kaysa: Leo-Dragon-Salmon.
Isaac: Aquarius-Rat-Otter.
Sorrento: Virgo-Rooster-Bear.

Rhadamanthys: Scorpio-Tiger-Snake.
Minos: Aries-Rabbit-Hawk.
Aiacos: Cancer-Dragon-Woodpecker.
Charon: Libra-Boar-Raven.
Gordon: Sagittarius-Snake-Owl.
Ivan: Virgo-Dragon-Bear.
Rune: Capricorn-Snake-Goose.
Pharaoh: Scorpio-Sheep-Snake.
Phlegyas: Virgo-Dragon-Bear.
Queen: Aries-Sheep-Hawk.
Rock: Gemini-Snake-Elk.
Stand: Aries-Dragon-Hawk.
Sylphid: Cancer-Sheep-Woodpecker.
Valentine: Aquarius-Horse-Otter.
Giganto: Pisces-Horse-Wolf.
Kube: Libra-Ox-Raven.
Mils: Cancer-Dragon-Woodpecker.
Myu: Aquarius-Horse-Otter.
Niobe: Leo-Rat-Salmon.
Ox: Scorpio-Tiger-Snake.
Raimi: Aquarius-Rooster-Otter.
Zelos: Pisces-Rat-Wolf. (OMG! XD Doesn't a fish-rat sound like a frog?)
Markino: Taurus-Sheep-Beaver.

Alexer: Cancer-Sheep-Woodpecker.
Cassios: Sagittarius-Dog-Owl.
Esmeralda: Virgo-Rat-Bear.
Jacob: Aquarius-Sheep-Otter.
Julian/Poseidon: Aries-Dog-Hawk.
Kiki: Aries-Horse-Hawk.
Miho: Aries-Ox-Hawk.
Natassia: Aries-Rat-Hawk.
Pandora: Virgo-Rooster-Bear.
Saori/Athena: Virgo-Rat-Bear.
Shunrei: Aries-Ox-Beaver.
Tatsumi: Taurus-Horse-Beaver.

...Oh and btw, I'm a Pisces-Dragon-Wolf. :3 It's a weird coincidence, since the wolf is my favorite animal.

That's cool! I'm Capricorn-Monkey-Goose, yeah, I saw Capricorn and Monkey coming, but a goose? Unexpected, very unexpected.

I'm Virgo-Sheep-Bear. I don't know what being a Bear means, so I guess I'll have to learn something about Native American signs. ^^U

(Is Shunrei really an Aries?! That sign has absolutely nothing to do with her personality. O__O)

What happened to libra? I am so confused! :dohko2:

Raiden [雷電]:
@Tezuka: I had to leave Shion and Dohko out because the site where I got them only had years starting from 1900. ...It's kind of hard to find out Native American signs for the two if they were born in 1700-something.


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