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RULES! Please read and follow
« on: June 08, 2007, 10:17:25 AM »

1 - First of all, all users and guests should respect each other. This is the most important rule of all. We won't tolerate insults, discrimination, hate comments or harassment. We request that you guys keep everything PG-13.  Please refrain from cursing, obscenities and vulgarities, too.

Furthermore, try to write in understandable English. No tons of abbreviations or acronyms or telegraph style - we have a lot of people who studied English as foreign language, and they might have problems to decipher abbreviations.

2 - Do not spam! If the only thing you want to contribute to a thread is "Wow amazing!" or "Me too!" then please refrain from doing it. This is considered bad style, and try to think about it that way: If you see a thread "Interesting information about new episodes", then you want to read interesting information about the episodes and not dozens of "Oh, I want to see them too!" So please try to write postings that are informative, or entertaining, or actually further the topic of the thread you are posting in. That also means it would be cool if you post more than just one sentence - you can elaborate a bit more on your opinion - the readers will thank you for that.

By the way, the Mods here in the forum have the express permission to delete pure spam posts that are neither entertaining nor further a discussion. So don't even bother to post such - they will very likely be deleted anyway.

3 - Formatting of texts:  Please refrain from writing entries in all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is especially valid for titles of topics - if there are topics all in caps they will get edited (unless the terms are abbreviations/acronyms).

It is also not needed to type text all in bold face as that is normally used to emphasize things. All bold texts are harder to read than texts typed normally - trust me on that. ^_^

Moreover, it is advisable that you don't post all your texts in some colour - there are other skins for the forum, and if someone chooses a skin with a light background colour, he or she would not be able to read your entry if you explicitely choose a light colour. The default colour you type in automatically changes according to the skin of the forum, so that you have dark text on a light background and vice versa. If you choose a colour, this colour will be used no matter if there is a dark or light background.

This may look good on light colour backgrounds, but try to read this on a dark background!
This may look good on dark colour backgrounds, but try to read this on a light background!

By the way, our Happy Birthday Thread is exempt from the colour/formatting rules. It's been tradition that things are a bit wild there ^^

4 - About quoting - it is not needed to quote a whole post if your reply is just posted after that post. Reason: People then have to read through the same post twice, and this gets a bit boring. If you want to reply to a post farther up, then quoting is sensible, but even there it is beneficial, if you just keep the part of a posting in the quote that you want to reply to. Most of the time you can just write

@name of the person you want to address:
And then the message you want to post, or the statement you want to reply to.

5 - Absolutely no spams/ads/porn links. We hate them from the bottom of our hearts. There is a specific topic under the "Like to chat / Presentations" category" where you are allowed to advertise your site. Please post only anime/manga related sites here, spam/advertising/marketing posts will be deleted.

Due to popular demand there is now one topic in Saint Seiya Goodies (Interesting Saint Seiya Deals) where you are allowed to post links to good deals/offers concerning Saint Seiya (and only Saint Seiya!) that you have found. This topic gets closely monitored though and is only for information from fans for fans. Obvious spam entries will be immediately deleted. All links to eBay or similar offers concerning Saint Seiya have to go here and no further topics with such content are allowed. By the way, links that contain referral IDs to earn money will be edited if they are Saint Seiya related or deleted. Don't think we are stupid and don't notice such things.

6 - Never Double Post ... ALWAYS edit your post. If you accidentally double posted, you can use the "merge" function that merges your posts together. Simply click on the merge button that shows on top of your second post.  This rule doesn't affect Fanfic or Fanart threads.

7 - No hentai posts - you can talk about it if you keep things non-explicit, just don't post any links or pics of it, and DON'T OVER DO IT!!! We have minors here and parents. So don't go talking about hentai wherever you go! Again - try to keep to PG-13.

8 - Images - please be sure to post thumbnails if you're gonna post a huge image. The forum will get deformed and for some members, cut off. if you don't know how to post thumbnails...then host your images on either or as they have thumbnail options. Maximum size for a non-thumb picture: 640 pixels width (exception: Trevor's scans of the manga). If you want to post a huge image, please  do it under a spoiler tag. Here's an example of one:

[spoiler]Look, it's a spoiler tag![/spoiler]

All you need to do is type
Code: [Select]
[spoiler] type message or put images here[/spoiler]
9 - Please refrain from posting fanart, fanfics or other fanworks without the permission of the author/artist! We try to keep the forum clean of stolen artworks, and if we discover such, they will eventually get deleted (we give the poster some days to get the permission of the artists, but if this doesn't work, we'll delete the respective posts/threads).

10 - User accounts that have no posts in them will be deleted when the user hasn't logged into the forum for the last three months. In that case we assume that the user lost interest and thus we will purge the database. Users that have 10 or less than 10 posts in their account will be deleted if they haven't logged into the forum for 6 months in general or three months when it can be seen that the posts were mainly written to get access to the download section. Also we will delete users who haven't logged into the forum for a whole year, no matter how many posts they did before.  That way we will maintain a database of active users and possibly interesting user names will not be blocked by dead accounts.

11 - The Download section can only be accessed if you post a certain amount of meaningful posts. So it might be that some people get access earlier when it can be seen that they want to take part in the community (e.g. if they join the chat often and one can get to know them), while others might need longer. That way we want to discourage people who just want to take advantage of the forum to download. We want active members here and not dead accounts. BTW, we reserve the right to delete obvious spam-only posts anyway.

Please note that none of the Downloads are hosted here on the website. You will only get pointers that show you where you can find the stuff.

12 - If you post something here in the forum, and you want to leave the forum for whatever reason, your posts will stay in the forum unless you remove them yourself. Neither the Admins nor the GlobMods are willing to go through I don't know how many threads to remove your posts, so if you want to have everything of yours deleted, it's up to you. ^^

13 - Banner and other images in member signatures must not exeed a length of 650 Pixel and Height of 200pixel in total. The images are required to follow all rules in the forum as well.


1 - Multiple instances of deliberately breakung the rules will cause a serious warning.

2 - If you keep on doing it as if you don't care: BAN!

3 - Ban for spammers as we absolutely DO NOT tolerate spam / ads / marketing links.

4 - Warning - if you cause excessive flooding; there is a possibility for temporary or permanent bans (then you won't be able to post for a while but you can read topics).

5 - Insults, fights, etc won't be tolerated and will result in temporary or permanent bans and the offending threads are moved into the Pit of Yomotsu (quarantine forum). Remember rule #1: we have to respect each other. ^_^

For Admin/Mods

Do not delete posts, please move them to the "1st Prison" forum for further discussion. Fanart posted without consent goes into the "2nd Prison" so that we might check if we can salvage things by finding out the artists and their websites.

If any violent or other activities like that happen, please discuss it in the "Admin/Mod" forum before taking further actions.

Ongoing off-topic posts can simply be split and put into a new topic. :shura: :shaina-excalibur: :stayka-excalibur:

:shion-gold: :shion-gold: :shion-gold:
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Re: RULES! Please read and follow
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2008, 05:26:30 AM »
Rules update 2007/12/01

I added a new rule 8. The former rules 8 + 9 are now renumbered to 9 + 10.

Rules update 2008/01/30

Rule 2 got an extra section that titles of topics shouldn't be written all in capital letters (unless acronyms are used - these terms may stay capitalised of course).

Rule 3 got one exception with the "Interesting Saint Seiya Deals" thread in Saint Seiya Goodies where under certain conditions commercial links pointing to Saint Seiya items are allowed.

Rules update 2008/02/03

As there has an increasing amount of users who are obviously new to posting in forums and thus are not aware of the proper posting etiquette, I updated Rule 2 with a more elaborate description of what spam is and why it is considered to be bad form to post that way.

Rules update 2008/02/04

I added a new section on how to format texts and how to quote properly and what might cause problems and why. The following rules have been renumbered accordingly.
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