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Letters - Aiolia
« on: July 12, 2008, 06:06:35 PM »
This will be a series of letters written by various Saints.  This one is from Aiolia.

Dear Marin

Sometimes I wish I could die.  I wish I'd fall off the edge of something high, or be killed by an opponent, or just...fall asleep and never wake up. 

I've lived alone for nearly all my life.  I've had nothing to hold on to.  I've wanted to stay independent and free.

But for you. 

I opened my eyes for you.  I breathed for you.  I made my blood course through my veins...for you. 

It wasn't love.  We said it wasn't.  We knew for certain that it was just a deep, deep friendship. 

And then, one day, it was. 

At least, for me. 

But that day was a bad day to tell you.  And so was the next, and the next, and the next after that.  You never showed me you wanted to know.  You stopped caring.  You stopped talking to me.  All you saw was fighting and Seiya and the goddess.  I am ashamed that my priorities were not the same. 

Because, Marin, oh gods, I love you.  I love you. 

Yes, because you took my hand--the filthy, base hand of someone who had traitor blood--and you held it tightly on the nights I could not find myself anymore amidst the sorrow and rage.  Because you sat at my side when I pretended I didn't care about following an order I knew was wrong.  Because you told me I could stand up again when they pushed me down.  Because you believed I could be more than I really was.  Because you, alone of all people, smiled at me just because you wanted to. 

You smiled. 

It was the most beautiful thing in the world. 

And I loved you, and loved you. 

But you looked far and high.  You fought with all you had.  And we remained comrades in arms, friends, nothing more. 

Each day I wished I wouldn't wake up in the morning to face the torture of seeing you walk further and further away.  I was never so lucky. 

No, I lived, and I watched you, and you kept right on walking. 

I still couldn't tell you.  I couldn't make you turn back, you so wanted to go forward. 

Tomorrow, Marin.  Something tremendous is about to happen in Sanctuary, and for good or ill, I will fight.  I will be the man and the Saint you believed me to be.  It is very, very likely I will die in the upcoming war. 

I hope you live. 

I hope you love. 

I hope you smile. 

And I hope you always remember that I love you. 
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