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« on: February 10, 2008, 10:43:09 PM »
Notes: I think everyone can guess who the speaker is.  If you don't, just leave a message and I (or someone) will tell you. 


Sometimes he could no longer sort the thoughts between his two minds. 

I want to be dead.  Death.  Pain.  Beautiful morning.  A morning worthy of my death.  Evil.  I'm evil.  I'm so completely evil.  No.  No.  No more.  I want to die now.  Let me go.  Let me kill.  Let me be supreme.  Let the power flow from my hands.  Death.  Pain.  Beautiful morning.  A morning worthy of my ascent to power.  I want to be the greatest, the highest, the powerful, the lonely man.  I am always alone.  I hate you.  Die.  Kill me.  Leave me alone.  Go into the other dimension.  You don't belong here.  You don't know.  You don't understand.  You are always in the way.  I want you to sleep.  I want you to die.  I want you to let me do my work.  Go away.  No.  I hate you.  I know.  You're contemptuous.  You sound like a child.  You sound like a madman.  So do you.  Am I even human anymore?  No.  I am two.  I am bestial.  I am unworthy.  I am shining.  They shall bow before me.  Those who rebel will fall.  Athena fell.  Just like Athena fell.  Athena.  What happened to her?  Did she die?  Athena.  Die?  Athena.  Athena.  Athena.  No.  Come back.  I need to know.  I need to live.  I'll kill you someday.  I'll win someday.  I'll banish you beyond dimension.  I hate you.  I hate me.  I have to learn to surpress you.  How?  You can't do it.  I can't do it either.  Kanon is dead.  Kanon?  Kanon.  Brother.  Yes, he was your brother.  Not yours.  I loved him.  You killed him.  I hated him.  I hated you.  I hated me.  He hated me.  He hated you.  He is gone now.  It doesn't even matter anymore.  You are so weak, so human.  And I am glad I still have that little bit.  That little bit makes you fail where I succeed.  But that little bit lets me keep something you do not have.  I have everything worth having.  I do not, but I have this.  You are pitiful.  I am alive.  But little more than dead.  But still alive.  But alive.  Living.  Breathing.  Killing.  Murderer.  I'm sorry.  I must live.  Why?  It would be easier to die now.  It really would.  But I have to live.  What can you possibly do?  You have failed at everything.  I must stay alive until she comes.  She won't come.  I can hear your thoughts.  I know everything about you.  I know where you are weak.  I will break you someday.  I must win for her.  I must win for me.  I must...I cannot die. 

Sometimes he knew it was one...

Kill.  Kill.  KILL!

Sometimes he knew it was the other.

Wait for me, Athena.
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