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How to Post Images here on the Forum
« on: January 30, 2008, 09:47:10 AM »
As this question repeatedly shows up when new people sign up here, I guess I should give you a little How To:

1. It is not possible to post images directly or as attachment. It is generally not possible to attach any files here to posts as we have turned off this option for bandwidth reasons.

2. Avatars - avatars can be uploaded in your profile. Their max size is 115x115 and they should not be larger than 25 kByte to let the forum run smoothly. You can of course link to an external avatar, too - but then please don't use a picture larger than 150x150 pixels, or your profile will look very weird.

3. Signature - if you want to add an image to your signature, you can do so in the profile, too. But as you can't upload the image to the forum, you need to host it externally and put the link to the image in your signature. The signature is limited to 300 characters and that includes the URLs.

4. Generally - if you want to upload images, you need to upload them to an image hoster first - for example is a free image hoster (there are more, but I guess you can find them on your own). Then you get a link which you can post in the forum here or use in your signature.

5. If you want to post several pictures - for example a doujinshi you created or a package of screenshots, you could pack these with a zip program (WinZIP or WinRAR for Windows, for example) and then upload it to a file hoster like or and then post the link to the download in your post.

6. If you want to post pictures larger than 640x480 pixels, please use the spoiler tags:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler][img]http://Your-Image-URL-here.jpg[/img][/spoiler]The spoiler tags are there so that the forum layout will not get totally messed up. The images themselves will be loaded in any case, so it might be wise not to post too large pics anyway to be a bit nicer to people with a slow connection.

The exception to the spoiler tag rule are posts with scans of the official manga like Lost Canvas, Next Dimension or EpG as these threads are known to be image heavy anyway.

7. Please do not post fanart pictures that are not yours or where you don't have permission to post them. If you want to show fanart pictures by other artists, please look for the artists'  homepage and link to that homepage (if needed give an instruction how to get to the picture(s)), then post that link with your comments into the Cool Fanarts topic here:
Please do not directly link the images in your post as hotlinking is traffic theft and very, very bad style.
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