Author Topic: Which language(s) do you speak?  (Read 26486 times)

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Re: Which language(s) do you speak?
« Reply #135 on: March 27, 2016, 10:34:11 PM »
I'm only truly fluent with English, though I am lightly competent with a number of other languages as noted.

Japanese, German, Italian and Latin.

I also know a few simple phrases in French and Russian, though not nearly enough to be deemed competent.


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Re: Which language(s) do you speak?
« Reply #136 on: June 17, 2016, 01:39:57 AM »
For me learning languages was always a tpye of hobby:

My native language is Hunarian and I can speak English and German fluently, while at the moment I learn Chinese.

Other languages from which I can speak a tiny bit - understand under this 4-5 short sentences - Turkish, but for that I need a serious re-reading of my books from the university and Japanese which I plan to learn after mastering Chinese.

There are also a couple of languages from which I can figure out/understand few sentences due to me having done some research for either fanfictions or original stories: Latin, French and Spanish. I'm also planning that after Chinese and Japanese to learn Swedish.
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Re: Which language(s) do you speak?
« Reply #137 on: August 05, 2016, 06:00:14 PM »
I noticed I need to update my list of languages (my original post is from 2008). ...I knew four languages back then, but now it's about seven with varying degrees of skill. Namely Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese.

Finnish: Native language. I speak the "everyday" variation, though I used to speak formally when I was a kid. I also understand and can imitate a few regional accents - I even have a tendency to lapse into Savonian sometimes, on account of my Northern Savonian parents.

English: Fluent. I used to be terrible at it for a long time, but I started getting better when I was around 12. Now my skill level is around B2 on the CEFR scale.

Swedish: Basics. I've never been that good at it, and I still don't understand the grammar rules at all. Granted, thanks to Swedish, I can read some Norwegian, Danish, Faroese and Old English. I can even recognize some Icelandic and Old Norse words.

Spanish: Basics. Learned this for eight courses in high school. Can't remember much anymore.

German: Basics. Took a course in an adult education center a few years ago. Can't remember much of this, either.

Russian: Basics. Took a course the same year as the German one. ...My only actual goal was to learn the alphabet and I can actually read them now. On the other hand, I can still remember "Kak dela?" means basically "How are you doing?", "kholodnyi" means "cold as balls" and "ruki veer" is "Hands up!" (that's what armed robbers, soldiers or police tell you).

Japanese: Basics. I still can't read the language (I'm getting there with kana, can't do kanji yet), but I understand about 60% of what I hear. It's made drama CDs a lot more easier to listen to. ...I've even been translating Japanese songs into English with Google Translate and my own, limited skills.

PS. With Japanese, I'm actually trying to find people to transliterate a Super Robot Wars OG manga for me - the original scanlator quit halfway through and I'm thinking about finishing the job. I just need someone to transliterate the kanji, or simply write them down for me (I need to look them up in a dictionary anyway)... I'd handle the kana and the subsequent English translation. If anyone wants to help, let me know.


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Re: Which language(s) do you speak?
« Reply #138 on: February 08, 2017, 07:26:35 AM »
My native language, Hungarian.
As foreign language I can speak English fluently.

On basic level I can understand Japanese and Italian, and some Spanish.