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Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
« on: May 25, 2007, 07:13:59 AM »
First of all, I didn't know where else to post this, so...

The Battle For Yreland

Chapter 1

The year 2010. It was an ordinary day in the High School of Orion's Field, or so everyone thought until they saw an odd boy in the hallway. He stood outside Ms. Sheldon's door and knocked slightly hesitantly. After a little while the door opened.
”You must be Skye Dunmore, right? Welcome to Orion's Field." Ms. Sheldon said and told him to come in. Mary Sheldon taught the other second class, 2.B., in the high school. When the door had closed, loud whispering started in the hallway. Some pieces of conversation:
”…did you hear? He’s coming to our class…”
”...he gets another one to be bullied again…”
”…there's one good side. That idiot will leave Maya alone...”

When five boys and one girl clashed in, the whispering stopped quickly. The leader of this group, David, is the one they were talking about.
”Another new!? Come on, last year that nuts Aussie girl came here! And now a blockheaded New Zealander! Well, let him wait...” David shouted and walked away.
…He had been in this school from the day it was built, as it was built when David started the second class in comprehensive school. He was one of the few 'original' students. Only ten percent of the students were original nowadays. And only a half of the teachers were original, for example Mr. Dunslow was one of them. David fights changes head on, and new students are included (especially foreign ones). So with David it is: 'Bye, rookie'. He has been able to repel three of them already. He tried the same tricks on an Australian girl called Maya, who had come to the second class a year before. Maya is interested in everything mystical and anything that has something to do with astrology. Because of all that, and that of being Australian, David bullied her. He bullies all new, but he beats the boys up and calls the girls names. Maya happens to be really sensitive. David had no idea that Maya's big brother would come to protect her. When David was calling her names, Maya, of course, started crying. Her big brother was there and, seeing the event, he walked up to David. He lifted him up by the lapels and growled: 'If I ever see you hurt her again, you'll be sorry'. He dropped David after that and the bully stayed sitting there, looking startled. Maya finally got herself some friends and her self-esteem rose. She no longer cried or seemed to get hurt. Until one day she got mortally offended and shouted: 'You dimwit screwball! Don't you dare hurt me ever again!', and then kicked a fairly good karate kick at his legs. Thus was found out that Maya's father was a Senior Karate Champion and his daughter was the Junior Champion. She knows karate, judo and taekwondo and is a Champion in all of them. From that day forward David decided to keep calling her names, but from a distance and surrounded by a good gang. In David's gang are Lee and Jera of the first class, David's own class's (second's) Andrew (called Andy) and Henry and Derek of the third class….
”Just wait until the new guy comes out...” David muttered. Finally, when Skye came out, David and the gang surrounded him. Skye tried to get past, but the circle tightened. Finally Skye lost his nerves and he tried to push through them by sheer force. Jera, the only girl of the gang, pushed him back into the circle.
”What's wrong? Could you let me through?” Skye asked and stared at David.
”Guess again, stupid. You'll get nowhere until you've answered Lee's question." David replied with a sneer. Skye still looked at him. Then he turned to look at Lee.
”Okay, what's up?” Skye answered.
”Could you help me find my dog? It vanished from the yard an hour ago." Lee asked. David showed the 'a-okay' sign to Lee secretly. Lee grinned while Skye nodded. When he left with them, the other students began discussing again.
”…we should've told Skye…”
”…he doesn't know what's in for him…”

”…let’s follow them!” a voice shouted from the hall. The voice belonged to Jonathan of 3.B. He was going after them, when one of his friends, 2.B.'s (Skye's class's) Dawn came to him. Jonathan turned his head and looked at Dawn, whose curly red hair swung behind her in a ponytail. When Dawn put her shoes on, Jonathan nodded, with his pale blond hair falling over his forehead. The duo walked away and the whispering continued more loudly.
”…they'll never make it…”
”…Jera will beat Dawn…”
”…Jonathan's no match for Derek…”
”…there are only two of them, if Skye's already been beaten up…”

”Let’s go, quickly!” 3.A's Ray shouted at Remus of 1.B. When Maya of 3.A. told them she was coming too, everyone calmed down considerably. When the gang of three left, going to join up with the two first ones to form a gang of five, they'd be equally matched if Skye'd be okay. After they had gone, the bell rang and the lessons continued. The students went back to the classrooms. During that in the mountains surrounding the school:
”That dog can't be this far.” Skye remarked to David, who was walking beside him. David shook his head and pointed at a brown spot which was seen between two boulders. When they got to it, it was only a stuffed fur.
”Well, rookie. Here we are and now you're in trouble.” David snapped and hit Skye's head in the side with his fist. Skye staggered but didn't fall. He raised his arms to block the strikes that were coming from six different directions. Then a clear girl's voice was heard.
”Leave him alone, you retard! You have no right to beat him up!” Dawn yelled. Jonathan was already running toward Derek. David turned around and gave a crooked grin.
”What did you have in mind, you dimwit? You two attack all six of us? You have the worse of it, helplessly!” David shouted and hit Jonathan squarely in the stomach. When the other members of his gang were going to engage in the fight, three voices shouted. Ray, Remus and Maya had arrived. David turned again and his smile faded.
”What kind of a gang are you?” he asked derisively.
”We are the Convoy, you megalomaniac!” Ray answered.
”The Convoy?” Dawn asked incredulously. Ray nodded and turned to Henry. When the fight really started, it seemed to never end. Suddenly something amazing happened. They had, while fighting, moved to an opening surrounded by rocks. Though the opening was covered with the twisted tops of the trees, light started increasing. The fighting stopped as everyone stared at the ground, which was vanishing fast. When it disappeared, they fell into a black chasm. They fainted...

Chapter 2

Remus was the first to wake up and after that he went off to wake the others. Finally, after David's gang had awoken as well, the fight almost broke out again. Then they looked around and were stupefied by what they saw. There weren't any rocks around them anymore... there was a town in front of them. It looked oddly familiar.
”Where are we?” Derek asked. Andy shook his head and looked confused.
”Let's just go and ask.” Maya suggested quietly. Everybody agreed, even David. When they walked in through the gates, people turned around to stare at them curiously. After a while the young found an inn, which was called the White Tiger. When they entered, the inn-keeper walked towards them. David stepped forward.
”Excuse me, but what town is this?” David asked.
”Droichead Atha, commonly known as Drogheda.” the man answered looking surprised. David looked at everyone else in fright.
”We… what place is this?” Maya asked.
”Funny, I thought you knew. You're in Ireland, a little northwards from Dublin.” the inn-keeper answered again. Maya looked at everyone. She breathed a sigh of relief.
”We stepped into some kind of 'warp-gate' that warped us into Eastern Ireland. Uh, what year?” she asked while turning to face the inn-keeper.
”2010, as you probably know. What were you talking about a warp-gate?” the inn-keeper asked.
”Well, uh, we... All right. We were in Orion's Field in the States. We were at school, when we tried to save this Skye here from those guys' bullying. Our gangs got into a fight and, before we even noticed, we were in a clearing and the ground started disappearing from under our feet. We fainted. When we woke up we were just outside your town.” Maya told him. The man looked oddly understanding.
”I see. I came here from Australia thirteen years ago in the same way. You have one little problem. This isn't the world we knew. We're in a parallel dimension. The rulers of this world died long ago, because of the deeds of the powerful Shadow Sorcerers. They're black-caped, gloomy people, who've been usurped by the darkness. Some of them use disguises and hide among ordinary people. Some of them must've seen you when you came here. They're very dangerous. Only a few people have survived from their hands to tell their story, but they've always been dead the next morning. I must ask you to stay here. This is the only land that's not under their rule yet. This is a safe town.” the man told them and looked even stranger. The gangs nodded. When they were in their rooms, they gathered in the living room that connected their bedrooms together. Everyone sat quietly in place until Skye spoke:
”I can't believe it. First day at school and we get into an adventure. How are we even going to get back?” he wondered aloud.
”Oh yeah, Maya, Skye. S... sorry.” David stuttered and blushed in embarrassment. Maya and Skye both nodded.
”Now that's settled, too. How about we work as one huge team? Then we'd be safe.” Dawn suggested. Everybody agreed. David and Skye were placed as the leaders and the 'second-in-commands' were to be Jonathan and Jera.
”Hey guys? Have you by the way noticed that it's the year 2010 and these people here still live like it's the Middle Ages or something?” Andy mentioned in passing. Maya turned to look out the window.
”You're right. There are no cars, not even bicycles. Just horses and wagons pulled by them.…..Wait a minute. What's that?” Maya wondered and stared up at the sky. Suddenly she was thrown backwards and the window opened by itself. Three black creatures, looking to be half eagles and half lions, flew in. They had lion's ears, body, front legs and tail, but an eagle's head, hind legs and wings. They started shimmering like the air above a campfire.
”What's happening!? What are they!?” Dawn shouted above the wind. Everyone, except Maya, shook their heads.
”Griffins, Dawn! They're griffins!” Maya yelled back. Dawn nodded and stared at the horrifying sight. The three griffins shimmered more powerfully and finally disappeared. There were three black-caped humans standing in their places. They were gloomy, scary and surely dangerous.
”Shadow Sorcerers.” Derek noted indifferently. One of the hooded heads turned towards Derek. He pointed a hand at him and all of a sudden the youth gripped his throat, beginning to pant and apparently trying hard to breathe. The human lowered the hood and was revealed to be the inn-keeper. He motioned to the other two and the three formed a kind of a circle around the twelve young.
”I've come to warn you. Stay out of our way and you won't get hurt. And keep your mouths shut about everything you saw. Or else one of you won’t wake up tomorrow morning. There's still one thing. There are a lot of us, but not enough. If some of you want to join us, inform me. Until that day you'll stay here and won't be allowed to go outside Drogheda.” the inn-keeper talked in a very calm and dangerous voice. Then he released Derek, making him fall to his knees and cough violently. Finally, after canting a loathing glance at the youth, he turned and the three sorcerers changed shape and flew away. Everyone slumped down to the floor. Leaving was going to be dangerous, but now they wanted to get away more than before. And they hoped with all their spirit that they would manage to escape.

Chapter 3

The gang was trying to come up with an escape plan, but there were no results. After three days Remus thought up a good idea.
”What if we'd try to find the Shadow Sorcerers' headquarters in Drogheda? We could take one cape and make eleven more out of the bed covers, by looking at the original? That way we'd get outta here.” he suggested. It was accepted by everyone. They decided to go wandering at night, when the Shadow Sorcerers were scattered around the world taking care of different things. The twelve were divided according to the town areas. Lucky for them, the town walls had four corners. David, Andy and Remus took care of the eastern area; Derek, Dawn and Jonathan the western area; Skye, Maya and Henry the north; Jera, Lee and Ray the south.
When Jonathan was examining a house, the floor of the house across the road collapsed and Derek fell through the hole. When he sat up and rubbed his leg, which had hit against something hard, he saw something weird. There was a room under the floor, no, not a cellar, but a room with no door to the other areas of the house. In the room, or more accurately a hall, was a door that shed some light. In that light Derek saw a barrel full of something black. Derek limped to it, took out a cape and was going to walk back to the hole when, suddenly, his apparently broken leg gave up. He fell against the door, opening it. The people in the room turned to look at him. When they saw what Derek held in his hand, they rushed towards him. A low voice rang across the room.
”Let him be, he seems ordinary. What is your name and what are you doing here?” a man with gray hair and beard asked him. Derek didn't answer immediately, since he wasn't sure of the men there being on their side or on the Shadow side.
”I'm… Derek and I live in the White Tiger. I just came into this house and the floor collapsed. I tried to walk with my broken leg, but I crashed into the barrel and caught hold of this. Then I fell against the door." he replied.
”Ah. The White Tiger." the man pointed out, making his companions darken. They turned again.
”Are you a henchman of the Shadow Sorcerers, boy?" a blond man asked. He wasn't as gloomy as the others.
”The Shadow Sorcerers!? Hell no! I'm not going to help those nutcases! I'm just trying to leave this freaking town with my friends! ...But who are you?" Derek replied with relief, though still being on his guard. The looks of the people eased.
”We are their negative counterpart, Derek. We are Sorcerers like them, but not on their level. We always gather here to discuss about plans to defeat the Shadow Sorcerers. Every solution so far has been eliminated... only one is left. It's an old prophecy that said: 'On Day of Rohan exactly hundred years from this moment a group of people will travel to this land via a warp gate. They will be the ones to defeat the Shadow Sorcerers. When Light and Shadow become one, great Water shall come forth. Remember this, for it shall be thy victory.' These people are you. Bring your friends here so that we can help you. I will send Darius with you. He is a tad mysterious, since the prophecy also told about 'a grand Light that shall unmake the Shadow forever'. Darius arrived here on that very moment. He doesn't seem to have the same powers as Light Sorcerers do, though. Oh, and besides, you're not in the Ireland you know." the old man said.
”No shit Sherlock. Who coulda guessed?" Derek remarked dryly. The old man shook his head and laughed.
”What I meant was that this country is called Yreland, not Ireland." he stated with a grin. Derek looked at the old man and realized he was the same guy they had seen sitting on the terrace of this very same house the day they had come. Then he turned his gaze to Darius. He noticed that this was the blond man that had asked him about the Shadow Sorcerers. They turned and walked out of the room, Darius supporting Derek all the way. They took a ladder and climbed through the hole. Jonathan stood next to the hole and looked in astonishment at Darius, who was climbing behind Derek in a white armor. When Derek and Jonathan looked at the armor, they realized that it was light. It was thin, almost lacelike, but as hard as dragon scales. It looked just like the mithril armor they had seen in the Lord of the Rings movie.
”It is mithril, forged by me.” Darius answered their thoughts. Both heads bounced up to face him.
”You can read minds, Darius?" Derek asked confusedly. Darius nodded and looked at the sky. His eyes tarnished. All of a sudden he pulled the young men aside and stepped in the middle of the street. A black griffin wafted in front of him and turned into the innkeeper. Darius looked at him coolly and calmly.
”Have you seen youths around here, Darius?" the innkeeper asked. Darius was still cool.
”I haven't, Donovan. By the way, how are Byron and Seymour?" Darius inquired. Derek was startled when he realized that Donovan meant a dark warrior in Gaelic. It could have been a coincidence, but...
”Byron's all right, Seymour died three days ago. Weird, he died right after we had met the new people from Earth... Well, how are Stephen and Tristan? Or the twins, Harcourt and Hamilton? Or Eyre and Eron?" Donovan replied, giving a mocking grin at the last words. Darius's face stiffened.
”Fine. Eyre and Eron? Getting better, thanks to your old buddy Rodion and my brother Ronan." he said with an icy tone. Now it was Donovan's turn to become agitated. He raised his hand, but held back and looked around.
”Hold your tongue. Rodion is a traitor and I don't like hearing of him. When I meet him again, he dies." he noted in a dangerous voice and flew away in his griffin form. When the young men reappeared, Darius turned to them.
”Are you all men? I haven't heard a single woman's name." Jonathan asked. Darius shook his head.
”There are women involved, almost as many as us. Their names aren't usually said aloud, since they sometimes have a family to care about. Shadow Sorcerers don't shun away from killing a woman, even if she had small children. Women are also more delicate and die more easily.” Darius responded. His face stiffened again, but eased quickly.
”Your wife was one of the killed." Derek nearly exclaimed with a horrified look on his face. Darius looked up at him with cloudy eyes.
”But… Derek, he didn't say anything.” Jonathan said. Suddenly comprehension lit up his face.
”He can read minds. That makes him a Light Sorcerer." Darius replied and took hold of Derek's shoulder. He took an orb-shaped stone from a small cloth-bundle and lifted it to Derek's eye-level. Different symbols began to whirl inside it amidst green light. A triangular symbol rose forward.
”That is the Greek d or delta. In our language it means light.” Darius explained, pressing the stone over Derek's eyes. The symbol fused with Derek, leaving the same mark on his forehead.
They set forth again, now towards the inn. When they got in, something exploded in their heads. The last thing Derek saw was Darius standing there, three Shadow Sorcerers in front of him and a confused and enraged look on his face. Then a light flashed and he lost consciousness.
PS. Yes, it has three more chapters. Haven't translated them from Finnish yet. Gotta kick myself a couple of times to make myself do it... xD ...So anyway, if anyone read this, what do you think? (And yes, I already know I tend to move too fast... xDDDDDD The second part of the story is still in writing, and one of my newest scenes proved to be a bit better. ...I did write this first part four years ago.)
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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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Interesting story...  Very well written... I hope to read more when you post it up.

Though stories go to the Fanfiction section of the forum.  However this doesn't seem like a Saint Seiya Fanfic right it?  Maybe you can ask Newborn to open a new section for other stories beside Saint Seiya fanfics.

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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Maybe we could put it into the Museum part for Non-Saint Seiya FanArt - one might change that into general Non Saint Seiya Artworks, then it would fit nicely. At least better than in the Chit Chat where probably no one will look for original stories.

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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 :shaka: nice ^^

yes, this shouild deffinatly go to fanfic section

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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yes, this shouild deffinatly go to fanfic section

I wonder why, since it's not fanfiction. o_0 (By the way, I based Derek on a male version of myself.... or rather on a version that I'd want to be like. xD)

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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That's why I suggested the general art section "Museum" that was already set up here in the forum.

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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What exactly is the difference between this and a fanfic?
Well written though :).

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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A fanfic uses characters, backgrounds etc from known series/books/movies etc.
Original fiction is conceived entirely by the author with only his own characters, settings etc.

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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Point taken, arigato :).

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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Chapter 4

After waking up, the first things Derek saw were Skye and David and the others. They were looking at him and Jonathan in worry. Dawn was fine since she had left earlier to let the others know of Derek. When Derek turned his head, he saw Darius on his other side. He was in a sorry shape. His face was pale, eyes glazed and he had multiple bruises and wounds. One especially dismal gash ran straight from his forehead to his neck through his cheek. Most of the cuts had already healed up, and some had even turned into scars, but some particularly big ones were still open and bleeding. Dawn looked at the two young men and their new companion with a relieved expression on her face. As she moved to Jonathan’s side, Maya stepped forward to greet Derek.
”Darius is getting better, thanks to you. You caused a darn big light burst around the three Shadow Sorcerers. Darius has lost a lot of blood due to the fight, though. He’s still in a somewhat critical state, but there is hope. However, we are now outside the city. You blinded those Sorcerers and at the same time nearly us as well. We were able to escape and a Fire Sorcerer living outside has harbored us in his cellar.” Maya explained to Derek, who nodded. He realized that he shouldn’t have, since his head began aching so hard that he felt sick. He turned on his back and let the feeling pass. When he was able to talk, he asked her about Jonathan.
”He’s in a slightly worse state than you. These ‘magic powers’ which you and Darius possess, he doesn’t have them yet. That’s why his mind was more vulnerable than yours. He hasn’t woken up yet, but I think he will soon.”
Two people, a man and a woman, looked at them. The first was a Fire Sorcerer and the other an Air Sorcerer, Derek was told. They had helped the group find refuge in their house. The young also heard that the Shadow Sorcerers numbered many, but the other Sorcerers were very few and scattered. The rebellious Sorcerers had the elements of Light, Air, Fire, Earth, Water and the Universe. The Universe Sorcerers, who were commonly referred to as the Grand Mages, had extraordinary powers and focused on the affairs of the universe and the balance of good and evil.
Jonathan let out a groan and Derek turned to look at him. The area around Jonathan’s eyes tightened as he tried to open them. Finally he managed to do it and looked around. When he saw Darius, his face paled.
”Don’t worry. He’s substantially fine.” Remus assured. Suddenly his dark, nearly black, eyes opened up wide. A turning stone orb had appeared above Dawn’s head. One of the symbols rose forward and branded her forehead. Her symbol meant ‘Fire’. The rest of the symbols flew out rapidly and branded the rest of them. Derek and Skye were Light Sorcerers – able to read minds, but very sensitive towards any kind of violence directed at innocent people, always taking action when that takes place. Dawn and Ray were Fire Sorcerers – specially impatient, unreasonable, impulsive and irresponsible when provoked. Lee and Maya were Earth Sorcerers – anxious, pessimistic, slow, narrow-minded, stubborn and overly careful. David and Andy were Air Sorcerers – tattling, flighty, lacking in concentration, jesting. Henry and Jera were Water Sorcerers – illogical, nervous, overly sensitive, passive and moody with an imagination too vivid. Jonathan and Remus were Grand Mages – they tend to be so focused on the balance and the universe that they can’t see what’s happening around them, and not understand the measure and range of their powers, ultimately doing something rash that has terrible consequences. Only the most experienced and oldest Grand Mages can handle things without accidents. Even though Ronan, Darius’s brother, is still young, he has overcome the bad sides of this element with the help of a rogue Shadow Sorcerer called Rodion. And now the two, along with seven other adults – Fire Sorcerer Tristan, Earth Sorcerer Stephen, Light Sorcerer Darius, the Water Sorcerers Harcourt and Hamilton and the Air Sorcerers Eyre and Eron – will begin training the new Sorcerers.

Suddenly, while the young were studying, they heard a squawk as a griffin wafted down from the sky. It turned into a man dressed in a black robe. He had coal black hair, apparently dyed, and blue eyes. He walked over to Darius.
“Welcome back, Valentin. I’ve been waiting for you to contact me. Have you done everything the masters asked of you?” the blond man asked.
“Yes. When Seymour died, I automatically got into his place. I’ve established relations with the Shadow Sorcerers and misled Donovan into believing that I’m one of them. They can’t be any more wrong, my friend.” Valentin grinned spitefully.
”That night will soon come, so be prepared and don’t let your guard down. In a little while Donovan will face a night with no return. Then I will pay him back for what he did to Palmyra.” Darius raised his sword and struck it in the ground. He crossed his hands over the hilt and leaned on them. Valentin placed his hand on his shoulder, turned into a griffin and flew away. A couple of minutes after he had gone, Darius took his sword inside. When he came back out, he had multiple weapons with him – swords, bows, quivers, daggers, pole-axes, lances, spears, halberds, etc.
”Here is something for everyone. Choose a suitable weapon for yourself and go train with a master.” he said. Jonathan and Derek both ended up choosing the swords of knights. Dawn, Henry and Andy landed the roles of assassins, since they were the smallest and fastest among the twelve. David, Ray and Jera picked the roles of spearmen and thus a position in the front line. Maya and Remus chose sabers, thus becoming cavalrymen. Skye and Lee, who were both quite strong, took two-handed-swords and the roles of regular soldiers. While the others went to train, Derek and Jonathan waited for the men who would train them. They were surprised when Rodion and Darius showed up. Rodion had black armor, and Darius was wearing a regular one instead of his usual white. They were leading two horses towards the stables. The other was a black Friesian and the other a hybrid white one. They stopped the horses in front of the stable and brought out twelve. Ten were normal horses, but two were bigger and stronger than the others. They were given to Jonathan and Derek. Dawn and Ray got the red horses, Urus and Damion. David and Andy got the gray ones, Chareb and Shanin. Lee and Maya got brownish gray horses, Sabria and Iridos. Henry and Jera got cream-colored ones, Malik and Kerria. Derek and Skye got white ones, Zarif and Prostsjamie, the latter’s name meaning ’last greeting’ in Russian. Reserved for Jonathan and Remus were two pitch black horses, Shifari and Angara. When they had gotten their mounts, the others turned to continue on their way, but Derek and Jonathan stayed in front of the stables.
”All right. First you have to learn how to use a lance when saddled. Can you ride?” Rodion asked. The young men nodded. When that was clear, they put on armors, while a shield was placed on the other side of the saddle and the lance on the other. The scabbards for their swords and daggers were on their belt. When the helmets were in place, they couldn’t see a thing with them on at first. Finally, after getting used to the small gap in the visor, their view sharpened and they saw the target in front of them. They rode at a fast pace with the lance in their hand... and at first didn’t hit, but the bag on the other end of the training boom struck them in the head and knocked them out of the saddle. After lots of practice they somewhat knew how. Then it was sword skills they had to learn. First they ‘fought’ against a training doll, then Derek against Rodion and Jonathan against Darius. When they had been deemed ready, the young men fought against each other. The ‘battle’ ended up in a draw when they both managed to bring their swords next to the opponent’s side, right past the shield. The day’s lessons ended there and the others got back around the same time. The basics had been learned and they began learning their special skills during the next few days.

After those few days a black griffin flew down from the sky. Before it landed something red fell on the yard. When the griffin transformed, they realized that Valentin had been shot with arrows. He began talking in a very quiet voice.
”They found out that I was spying on them. Don’t know for whom, though. Shot me, Berent and Alec. Berent fell from the sky over a small forest and I haven’t seen him after that. Alec had it worse, he was captured and last I saw, they were taking him towards Shellshire. The Shadow Sorcerers, they have multiple prisoners. We need to rescue them... I also found out that two Shadows have decided to join us... Jason and Speed were their names, I think.” Valentin told them weakly. Darius looked surprised after hearing that two enemies were going to switch sides. He looked behind him when he heard a weird sound, and saw that Skye had paled. The youth’s eyes had widened and he was gasping silently.
”Excuse me… Valentin? This Shadow Sorcerer, Jason. What does he look like?” he inquired quietly. Valentin raised his head weakly and turned his already dim stare towards the sandy-haired young man, screwing up his eyes suddenly.
”Remarkable… he looks just like you, only older and with black hair.” he replied. Darius glanced at Skye sharply and discovered that his reaction was somewhat hysterical. He turned around when he felt Valentin turn limp. He led him inside and came out after a while. Darius’s anger wasn’t visible on his face, but in his eyes. They were gleaming like real fire. All twelve young realized that it was not some child’s play, and soon Donovan and Darius would be standing face to face with a burning town around them, preparing for the greatest battle of their lives.

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Re: Original story: "The Battle For Yreland"
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Now, before I send in the last chapters of part 1, here is a short(ish) preview scene of part 2 (which is A WAYS from completion, so don't get your hopes up. This is just to show that I still write about this.). All you need to know is that Galahad is a Shadow Sorcerer prison guard who switches sides because he wanted to help this prisoner girl he had grown fond of.

[spoiler]Maya and Skye closed their eyes as screams echoed through the dungeons. They had tried to escape, but were caught just outside the fortress and brought back in. Galahad, who had assisted them, had been taken to a deeper part of the dungeons and god knew what his former allies were doing to him... suddenly a particularly pained scream snapped them out of their semi-trance and they covered their ears, Maya with tears in her eyes. An angered roar from the cell next to theirs broke the sudden silence.
"Those bastards, they're not even trying to go easy on him!" There was a loud crash as the man struck the bars. "Jackasses! Cowards! Come down here so I can kill you!"
"Calm down, Jas."
"How can I when my supposed allies first betrayed me and are now torturing the only person to ever trust us!?"
The two young adults looked at their comrades in the dim light. Jason was shaking with his hands balled into fists, just as Alec was holding a soothing hand on his shoulder.
"There is nothing you can do, is there? I'm sure we can work this out when they bring him back."
"...IF they bring him back." Jason aimed a searing glare at his little brother and Maya, as if it was their fault that they were caught. "And just WHAT are you two staring at!?"
Skye quickly turned away, closely followed by Maya. Instead they focused on the other cell... it seemed that Galahad's something of a protegé was feeling as terrified as they were. Flavie had curled up in a corner of her cell, rocking back and forth and chanting to herself. She had nearly come to her senses during their escape and had even said a few words... of course that had made Galahad smile affectionately for the first time... but it seemed that ending up in the dungeons again, and hearing those awful screams, had made her revert back to her old unstable self.
"Jas, the door." Alec's voice whispered when a clank of a key fitting into a lock was heard. Soon enough the door opened and two hefty guards entered, roughly dragging a slumped form between them. Without a word they opened Flavie's cell and tossed the man in, walked out and locked both opened doors behind them. As Jason, Alec, Maya and Skye got closer to the bars, they heard a shriek emanating from Flavie.
"Shh, girl. Tell me, what's wrong?" Alec asked in a soft voice. The young woman began to produce weird sounds, until her stammering speech was understandable. Her unaccustomed words were broken here and there by sobbing hiccups.
"...Gal... he's been... tortured..."
"Well, that's obvious. What were you doing during those screams, talking to invisible people?" Jason snorted harshly. A while after a squawk was heard as Alec drove his elbow sharply into Jason's midsection. Flavie had begun to cry.
"Shh, it's all right, Flavie. Calm down. What have they done to him?" there was a soft whisper. Flavie hiccuped again.
"There are many whiplash marks on his back and chest, some deep cuts... one on his forehead... and I think his left arm has been dislodged, it's in a weird position." and then there was a long silence. All of a sudden they heard Galahad whimper in pain. Flavie was hushing the young Shadow Sorcerer and then, without any sign of the stutter, she continued: "And what's worse, those bastards have pierced his eyes and blinded him."
Jason drew a sharp breath and began to utter curses.
"God damn them! They sure are trying to make me see red, and are doing a bloody good job with it!"
"What did I just tell you?"
"All right, all right, I'm calm. But still... that's something even YOU can't toss aside! Come on, Alec, didn't that upset you one bit!?"
There was a deep sigh. "Yes, Jas. I feel as furious as you right now, even though it doesn't show on the outside. As much as I want to fly off the handle and kill them all in a blind rage, it wouldn't make things better, would it?"
All of a sudden Jason let out a frustrated scream, accompanied by a thud. He then began to sob convulsively. A bit upset, Alec tried his best to comfort his friend.
"Jason." Skye said quietly. There was a wavering breath as Jason replied: "...Skye?"
"You always told me only little kids and women cry." There was an impish, yet slightly sad smile on his face. "Look at you now, bawling like a child."
He reached his hand through the bars and Jason grasped it desperately, as if he was drowning and it was his only means of being saved. They both moved closer and when they were kneeling right in front of the bars, they reached through them and wrapped their arms around each other. Skye heaved a heavy sigh.
"Dad and I thought you died..."
"You know, I thought the same after I reached this place. Who knew the Bermuda Triangle was a dimensional portal?" He turned his face away from his brother. "I'm sorry for not trying to reach you. I forgot to do it, what with all this mess..."
"I understand. They made you join them, didn't they? By threatening to kill you if you didn't?"
Another sigh, now from Jason.
"Pretty much.  It's pure hell living with all the terrible things I've done during these years. ...A young boy died because of me one day, you know. I was asked to assassinate this one man and eliminate all who lived with him. One of them was his son, a six-year-old child." His voice quieted down. " ...I should have declined, it would've been easier to just die."
Skye slapped his brother across the face. Even though it was dark, Jason's shocked expression was clearly visible as he brought his hand to his aching cheek.
"Shut up, Jas! Did you ever think about me and dad?! Did you ever think how we'd feel like if we found out you were alive, and were then forced to go through the pain of losing you all over again?!"
Jason blinked and his mouth opened in silent comprehension.
"Oh god." He breathed. "Skye, I'm sorry. I didn't understand... I don't know what's gotten into me, I'm feeling so awful..."
"The world, brother. It changes people."
Suddenly there was a quiet chortle. "And since when have you been such a philosopher?"
"Well, firstly, I'm not fourteen years old anymore. And secondly, losing a brother changes people, too."
"That it does, that it does..."
They both removed their arms from around each other when the door opened. They quickly moved further away from the bars and looked on as a Shadow Sorcerer officer walked over to Flavie's cell. This officer knelt in front of the bars and placed something on the cell floor. To their amazement he said:
"Put that salve on his wounds. It should stop the bleeding."
Then he rose to his feet and walked further away, stopping in front of the two cells containing the other four.
"You must be wondering why I helped him." His voice was flat, yet not unfriendly. "It's all slightly complex. I have no time to explain myself so it'll just have to wait for a better time. We will meet again - you can be sure of that."
He walked out of the door and locked it behind him. The four prisoners looked at each other through the bars, even though the darkness obscured most of their view.
"He sounded familiar." Skye uttered and induced an agreeing murmur from Jason.

After three days the mysterious officer returned, now with five other Shadow Sorcerers. Without a single word they drew their swords and assaulted the surprised guards. One of them drove the point of his sword through a guard's throat, another lopped off a head and the rest hacked their way through the other three. When the last guard died, they removed the keys from the insides of their tunics and opened the cell doors. The officer who had appeared first raised a torch. The four shielded their eyes from the light that was nearly blinding for them.
"Phoenix, Josh, Brandon, help the young man and woman in the other cell. Tanisha, Wolfe, scout ahead. We don't want to run into any trouble." Then he turned to face the four. "And you, follow me."
They were slightly suspicious of the Shadow Sorcerer sextet, but they saw no reason not to follow them out of the cell block. When their eyes had adjusted to the light a bit better, they looked at the men and one woman. They had their faces covered by cloths so they didn't know who they were. Skye looked around, noticing something familiar about Tanisha and the tall, broad-shouldered leader. He carefully observed his surroundings, but there appeared to be no need for it - Wolfe and his partner were excellent scouts and they got out without any trouble. Once they reached the forest outside, there was a sigh of relief from everyone but the Shadow Sorcerers.
"We're not safe yet. Take these black robes and put them on. Then mount the horses, but keep it quiet." When they were done, the leader raised his voice loud enough to be heard by the guards standing on top of the wall. "The prisoners have escaped!"
A startled yell came down from the battlements: "What!? Did you see them?"
"Yes, they fled north!" he pointed towards a forest. The guards hollered at their comrades on the other side of the wall and then they thanked the officer for the information and got down on the yard. As all guards had ridden out and were out of sight, the escapees rode west along a wide road. As they were reasonably far from the Shadow Sorcerer headquarters, they removed their black clothes. The prisoners screwed up their eyes, trying to see in the bright daylight. As the officer from before moved in front of Skye and Jason and smiled fondly at them, the pair's jaws dropped. They were looking at a man of medium height and husky build, who had wavy, gray hair and a friendly, handsome face.
"Dad!?" they both exclaimed at the same time. The man in front of them placed his hands on their heads and ruffled their hair.
"It seems I can't escape my home world, no matter how hard I try to." he laughed softly. "I must admit it's a bit homelier now that you two are here with me."
On a whim the two young men threw their arms around their father and squeezed him. The man smiled again and put his arms around the shoulders of his sons. As they separated, they realized that the others were looking at them. Both men blushed and made their father give a short laugh.
"Wait a minute... your HOME world? Did I hear you right?" Skye asked with his eyes wide.
"You did. This is my home world. Many years ago I and my five friends started this current rebellion against the Shadow Sorcerers. After the rebellion began growing, I heard about the portal between two worlds. I was feeling a bit adventurous and, knowing that it would be fine even if I left, decided to find out what was on the other side. There I met your mother, fell in love with her and ended up staying there. Until now."
"Five friends? Them?" Jason asked, glancing at the other people. Their father followed his gaze and nodded.
"I forgot to introduce you. The people who you saw with me are Phoenix Bolton, Joshua Rees, Brandon Cooper, Tanisha Sloan and Wolfe Corrigan." then he turned to face his friends. "These two are my sons Skye and Jason Dunmore." He turned around again. "And you are...?"
"My name is Maya Wilson."
"And I am Alec Rowlands."
When the man turned his gaze to the other two, his eyes saddened. Flavie bent her head when she saw his expression.
"My name is Flavie Mouraine. He is Galahad Lyon."
"Pleased to meet you. I'm Jeffrey Dunmore."
The twelve people remounted their horses and rode off towards the northwest, determined to reach the Great Mountains where Skye and Maya's friends were risking their lives trying to reawaken Cadioc and fight off the red and blue dragons.[/spoiler]
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