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To Speak with Wind.
« on: November 30, 2007, 11:01:51 PM »
This was my first attempt at NaNo, which I undertook last year. I've been toying with the idea on and off for about 6 or 7 years now, so I figured it's time I stopped neglecting it. What you'll see here is the rough, unpolished work I've done, so don't go freaking out about grammar and the like now, eh?

(Yes Raven, This is the story with Meru and Dreams. That part comes later though. :))

“Ah, Lord. It’s time to awaken.”

A gentle chiding burst forth through the haze of a ritualistic sleep. The Master’s eyelids fluttered first, and then parted to reveal twin orbs of an intense sliver-blue. Sleepily they rolled around, beginning to piece together the room in which he was lying. A soft hand fell lightly on his face, stroking it until a smile ghosted across his lips.

“I assume it worked?” he asked. He was surprised at the harshness of his own voice, but considering how long he’d slept, was it really that surprising at all?

“Aye,” responded the woman who, as he now saw, was perched on the edge of his bed, near his head. She again brought her hand up and laid it on his cheek lovingly. “All six of us are safe and sound, though two are still asleep.”

The woman pulled her hand away and stood, allowing the loose black robe she wore slide back into position around her slight but curvy figure. Almost instantly, a seeming veil of gold matching the hue of her elegant eyes swooped over her, emitting a clarion song and finally coming to rest. A large bird of gold had perched on the woman’s shoulder, casting a faint glow over her crimson hair and pale face; a glow that followed her curves and folds of the robe, as elegant tail feathers came to rest, nearly touching the ground. She reached a delicate hand up to stroke the phoenix’s head, smiling as it cooed softly under her touch.

The Master looked his vassal and her bird up and down, raising one elegant eyebrow as he did so. “You’re younger this time,” he said, willing his voice to readjust to wakefulness. Already, some of the huskiness had disappeared, but not all, and a few traces of it could be found in hers, as well.

She looked amusedly at him and smiled. “A younger body has advantages,” she started, turning back to the beautiful bird on her shoulder and tucking a lock of hair behind her long ears. “Besides,” she added, “You’re none too withered yourself. If anything, you’re probably younger than I. The only one of us who retained anything close to his last age is still snoozing…but I suppose Chronis has always been as such.”

The Master had to smile at this. “But can you blame him, my dear? An undertaking of this magnitude is exhausting. I’m genuinely astonished that you find the energy even to sit, let alone move about.” Even as he spoke this, he began a valiant effort to push his frail figure up from the bed.

The vassal was by his side in an instant; with one hand under his back and her other on his chest. “Lord, don’t move. Heaven knows, you’re too weak still. The only reason I can move is because of my immense reservoirs...” She cushioned her lord’s decent back onto the mattress and proceeded to pull the thick down comforters back over his thin body. “It’s the only aspect of magic I can beat you in. You know that very well.” She smiled again, as she bushed a wisp of dark silver hair away from her lieges face, “and you made yourself a beautiful body. Dracon-Child, correct?”

“Aye,” he replied, “Draconians are capable of channeling more magic than the other Children, which raises the question…” he passed as he quirked one long, elegant eyebrow, “why an Elf-Child?”

“Now that, my dear, is a little secret that’s for me to know and you to attempt to figure out.” The woman said, allowing an impish grin across her face. The grin turned to shock, however, as something large and fuzzy brushed against her leg, and the Phoenix, still upon her shoulder, squawked indignantly.

Soon after, the Master found himself staring into another set of eyes, these ones sporting long, thin pupils, surrounded by a rich emerald. There was a very large cat sitting beside his bed – a cat with a long, soft, cream coat, a black mask and ears and a very long, black tail. “Good morning, Connla,” he found himself saying, “Is Chronis up?”

The cat looked amused for a moment, and then shook her head, craning her neck back to the room she had walked in from. A few muffled groans sounded from there, and before the Master could say anything more, his companion had risen and was halfway to the next room. The woman paused at the threshold and smiled broadly, addressing it’s occupant with a tone of slight exasperation. “And here you said, Chronis my dear, that your clever little mind had devised a way to avoid this whole mess of recuperation. But here you are, abed, and a Human-Child to boot. Tut Tut.”

“You’re still standing, aren’t you?” responded the gruff voice of an older man, followed by a large clunking sound and the woman’s grin melting into a full-on smile, absolutely leaking with her good-natured sarcasm.

“I’m the only of us three. Even our “fearless leader” is still abed, as I imagine you should be too. Look, you’ve got Connla all worked up! Fjola too!” She disappeared into the room for a moment, and the Master could hear the faint sounds of a half-hearted struggle between the woman and Chronis.

The Master turned his head away from the din and faced the ceiling, smiling as he listened to his vassals – no his friends – bicker good-naturedly. He sighed and closed his eyes a moment, opening them next with a start as he felt something crawl onto his bed.

He looked down the bed, meeting with a youthful pair of unabashed red eyes set within a wreath of long pale lashes which was in turn mounted upon a snowy white face surrounded by long locks of alabaster. The child – for that was what the tiny body meant – smiled brightly as he caught the Master’s eye, and launched himself forward, wrapping his arms around the elder male and snuggling his tiny head into the young man’s chest.

The master smiled once he had recovered from the small shock. “Ahh, Saa!” he said happily, the last traces of the long sleep leaving his voice, “It gladdens me to see that you too are well.” The child, Saa, looked up and smiled as large as his little face would allow as the elder continued, “Which means that once I’ve recovered, then everything will be in place.”

If possible, the child grinned wider. “So we can start then?” he chirped in his light, ethereal voice.

“Yes. Yes we can.”
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