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Gold saint Tier list ( all eras)
« on: February 13, 2017, 04:02:33 AM »
Hey guys so i was bored and had nothing else to do, but luckily i remembered that there are lots of gold saints out there and i would like to hear how you guys would rank the gold saints from all eras into one tier list.

God Tier
Cancer Sage
Gemini Saga
Virgo Shaka'
Gemini Aspros
Leo Regulus
By the way those top 4 i am not even sure if i could put them into an order cause i think they are all equally strong, regulus would be slightly behind

OP Tier:
Cancer Manigoldo
Gemini Kanon
Gemini Defteros
Virgo Asmita
Sagittarius Aiolos
Aries Shion
Libra Dohko

Very Strong Tier:
Capricorn El Cid
Sagittarius Sisyphus
Aries Mu
Pisces Albafica

Strong Tier
Leo Aiolia
Aquarius Camus
Scorpio Milo
Capricorn Shura
Scorpio Kardia
Aquarius Degel
Taurus Hasgard
Pisces Aphrodite
Cancer Deathmask

I honestly believe that Aphrodite and Deathmask were very strong but firstly we did not get to see them in a one on one big fight or ever fought a big opponent, secondly their affiliation and attitude was towards the wrong people. if they were like the others and were fighting for Athena along the other gold saints, then we would see how strong they truly are, they died too early for us to be able to see their power, i would have loved to see aphrodite fight fight one of the 3 judges or deathmask to go against thanatos a la manigoldo.

Mid-High Tier:
Taurus Aldebaran

I am not too sure about how to rank the next dimension or the omega gold saints, would be nice if you could help.