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Saint Seiya Discussions / Translation errors or plot inaccuracies
« on: April 20, 2015, 07:09:04 AM »
During the whole anime, there are some overused phrases and some inaccuracies in regards to the storyline.

It can't be! - This is overused in Hades Saga

Phoenix armor is the only armor capable of self-reconstruction, but it's destroyed and needed to be repaired.

Hyoga builds an ice wall to block Minos but Minos destroys it with a punch.

Hyoga tries to freeze Thanatos, but Thanatos replies that Hyoga would need to go below the absolute zero to freeze him. Below absolute zero?! Btw, isn't Aurara Execution the attack that drops temperature to absolute zero?

Dragon had his arm broken before jumping in the hyperdimension, but he's fine after reaching Elysium.

What happened to Orpheť? The judge said that he was sent to Cocyto but he isn't seen there during the Pegasus fight and gold saint's ressurrection.

Athena says "I swear by god", but WTF? Isn't that a christan statement? And a god swearing to a god?

Shaka is the man closest to God. But he follows budism and "closest to God" sounds christian. It's also weird when the enemies are the Greek Gods.

Is Elysium part of hell? It's completely the opposite of hell, full of light and devoid of all suffering and pain, is Hades the creator of that?

Shion repairs the bronze armors using the blood of Athena, but when they go to Elysium they make a WTF face "Athena's blood in our cloths???" like they didn't know it.

When Siegfried explains his weakness to Pegasus, he says that his left arm lowers for 0.001 x 10 ~ 0.001 x 100 seconds. But if he wanted to say that his arm lowers for a much shorter time than Dragon's, his speech should have said 0.0001 ~ 0.00001 seconds. Maybe in the original dub he said "1/10th of 0.001..."?

During the last fight with Hades, he alternates between stating that Athena is already dead and nearly dead.

Athena commits suicide to go to the land of the dead, but the bronze saints keep repeating that they cannot let her die while fighting in the underworld.

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