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General / Questions about *skipping* the Sanctuary temples.
« on: December 05, 2015, 05:22:19 PM »
The sanctuary contains a barrier that forces people to go through all the temples, but there are things about it that weren't explained too well or at all. So I'm just going to pile some of the ones I have in this thread and see if anyone has anything to say about it.

- Mu can teleport in the area within the temples but not between them, and the path along the temples form a zig-zag pattern up the mountain. So is the barrier formed in a way that follows that path so that those cliffs can't be used as a shortcut either by teleporting or simply climbing it?

- Mu could also teleport Shaka and Ikki back from the another-dimension-like space but couldn't teleport inbetween the temple. Is that an indication of the strength of the barrier?

- Saga used Another Dimension on Hyouga and Camus was able to interfer with it in some way that dropped him off at the Libra temple, is this a case of the barrier getting breached? Is Saga able to use it to bypass the temples himself? If yes, what's stopping him from using it during hades, was it because now that he's a spectre and Athena was in the sanctuary the barrier worked stronger on him than before?

- How was Kanon able to go to Athena's chamber without any of the other gold saints noticing? surely they must had at least do shifts. Was it by Another Dimension/Golden Triangle? Since Athena knows he's not an enemy this could work with the previous speculation.

- Saga and Kanon could manipulated the gemini temple turning it into a labyrinth and make a puppet out of the gemini cloth (and in Saga's case use Another Dimension) from the pope's chamber. Saga and Shaka were exchanging blows between Cancer and Virgo temples. Saga used galaxian Explosion from Gemini temple to attack Kanon in the pope's chamber. Point is, the barrier doesn't seem to protect against powerful logn range attacks, so is the 12 temples system more or less pointless against this kind of attack/invasion? (Saga could totallly aimed that GE directly at Athena couldn't he?)

- How did Marin got to the Pisces temple?

- Chronos dropping people from the future in funny places. Another breach?

- Cancer temple being connected to Yomotsu Hirasaka, and Deathtoll leading the spectre from the temple, skipping the first 3. Yet another breach?

General / Dog Team VS. Cat Team
« on: August 22, 2015, 07:53:10 AM »
Which characters in Saint Seiya do you think are dog peoples who prefer the canines, and are cat peoples who love the internet idol? :P

Anime / So...animation?
« on: June 09, 2015, 06:19:35 AM »
There doesn't seem to be a discussion thread dedicated to this so I decided to make one.

First off, try to refrain from mixing up art with animation. The art does influence the animation, but it's still primarily about the movement.

So then, now that we have quite a handful of Saint Seiya animes, what are people thoughts on the animation? (Classic, Hades OVAs, Movies, The Lost Canvas, Omega, Legend of Sanctuary, and Soul of Gold)

How would you compare them?
Are there instances where the animation add something, such as making some scenes more memorable or emotional? (especially those with manga counterpart)
Are there instances where the animation is so bad you couldn't get invested?
Are there anything that was done with the animation that is signature to Saint Seiya?

I also have a more specific question. I guess we can all agree that Hyouga's dance is kind of ridiculous (and Seiya's is okay), but no one seems to ever mention the little animation Saga, Shura and Camus did before getting into the pose for Athena Exclamation. I has always thought that was really neat and quite cool. I can't be the only one who like that little addition more than what it's actually worth, can I? :)

General / What would you say is the core of Saint Seiya?
« on: June 02, 2015, 12:59:12 AM »
2 votes maximum

Soul of Gold / Soul of Gold God Cloths Discussion
« on: April 25, 2015, 06:48:52 AM »
First, some pictures:
[spoiler=God Cloths]






I think it makes sense that the cloth gets it own thread, after all one of the main reasons the anime exists is to promote the new figures, and especially because now all of them has been revealed. :P

So, I'll start.

I feel like I can't really judge a cloth before I see how they look in 3D. This seems to be a case where they design the anime version of the cloth later, since a lot of the details aren't there, an example is Shaka's lotus.

I already stated my opinion on the first 3 reveals, I love the Leo's cloth best for the object form, Aries for the wings, and Virgo when it's wore. Virgo is also cool because now that it got a proper pair of wings the shoulder part now become the skirt.

For the new reveals in episode 2:
- I like what they did to Taurus wings in object form. Now it makes a lot of sense. Lots of spikes are better than a lot of horns like in LoS imo.
- It's interesting to note how Shura has the huge helmet from the orignal anime but for the god cloth they changed it to the manga/Hades anime version. Beside that, the wings are arguably the most generic of the 12.
- I like how the Aquarius object form finally has its water, which now beg the question of whether it is a gold fabric or fabric-shaped metal plate.
- Cancer wings' the legs and Scorpio's the claws, not as bad as I thought. Milo looks great ^^
- Scorpio's wings looks really similar to Virgo's
- Pisces family is now officially Exocoetidae, there's no other way around it xD
- Libra shield now look even more like a ship's helm, the object form looks cool. I was also correct about the cloth having the pointer and the measuring marks.
- Sagittarius god cloth sure looks Sagittarius...

- I will postpone voicing my full opinion on the Gemini god cloth for now until the figure is revealed...but they really did go with the angel/demon wings *sigh*. I like the top half of the object form...the bottom half...not so much.
Random observation: Number of stacked shoulder plate
- Aries 2, Taurus 1, Gemini 3
- Cancer 1, Leo 2, Virgo 1
- Libra 2, Scorpio 2, Sagittarius 3
- Capricorn 3, Aquarius 2, Pisces 3

Okay, i'm curious, how does people think the offical design compares to this fan art?

General / Excalibur...
« on: April 12, 2015, 10:32:12 AM »

I have been trying to search for some information on Excalibur in this forum for quite a while now, and they are basically all...scattered, everywhere. Even now I still find it rather confusing, so I would appreciate more ideas and explanations on it...especially if those are more organised since it would be easier to refer back to them afterward, and that's why I made this thread.

 :shura: :shiryu:

General / The mentors in Saint Seiya
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:59:01 PM »

I'm curious about what people think about the various teacher-apprentice relationships in Saint Seiya , so here's a thread for it :)

What do you think about them in general?
And are we seeing enough of these relationships being revealed or do you think we still need more for a more complete picture?
Do you think there are relationships that don't make sense?
What you do think about the non-canon characters the anime added? (ie. Crystal Saint, Ohko, Shaka's apprentices, Cepheus Albior)
How much do you want to know more about saint training?
What about on the enemies side?

Using whatever criteria you want how, would you rank the teachers? Who's the best/worst?
And who's your favourite? or least favourite?



Aries Shion -> Aries Mu
Aries Mu -> Kiki
Libra Dohko -> Dragon Shiryu
Sagittarius Aioros -> Leo Aioria
Aquarius Camus -> Cygnus Hyouga, Kraken Isaac
Aquila Marin -> Pegasus Seiya
Ophiuchus Shaina -> Cassios
Cepheus Daidalos -> Andromeda Shun, Chameleon June
Guilty -> Pheonix Ikki


Crateris Suikyo -> Pegasus Tenma


Cancer Sage -> Cancer Manigold
Altar Hakurei -> Aries Shion, Crane Yuzuriha, Hanuman Tokusa, Black Altar Don Avido, (Atla)
Taurus Hasgard -> Taurus Teneo, Celintha, Salo
Gemini Deuteros -> Pegasus Tenma
Libra Dohko -> Pegasus Tenma
Hakuryuu -> Libra Dohko
Sagittarius Sisyphos -> Leo Regulus
Capricorn El Cid -> Vela Tsubaki, Puppis Lacaille, Pyxis Rusk, Pakia
Aquarius Crest -> Aquarius Degel
Pisces Lugonis -> Pisces Albafica


Aries Kiki -> Raki
Ophiuchus Shaina ->Pegasus Tenma
Leo Mycenae -> Orion Eden
Dragon Shiryu -> Dragon Ryuuho
Libra Dohko -> Libra Genbu

Also, tell me if I miss someone.

Anime/Manga / One Punch Man is finally getting an anime adaptation!!!
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:07:30 AM »

 :puppyeyes: :puppyeyes: :puppyeyes:

This really got me super excited, I have always wanted this manga to get animated, and the news is finally here! ;D

One thing is certain, and it's that whichever studio it is that pick this manga up is going to have to fullfill some really high expectations. For people who don't know, the art of this manga is just that amazing...some of the chapters are just basically there to showcase great art.

(Yes, those images are coloured manga pages...of chapter 25)

This one here show a coloured version of a "normal chapter".
And this one show some more key frame like manga panels (you'll have to scroll down a little)

By the way, this one is drawn by Murata...the original, by ONE has this kind of art...

A pretty big upgrade, anyway, the story's the same, but they're adapting Murata's version.

Anime/Manga / Kyousougiga
« on: March 02, 2015, 06:29:31 PM »

is a product of a Toei Animation team headed by one Rie Matsumoto, whose lead directorial experience in anime is, so far, limited to this franchise. This will almost certainly not be the last project she is called on to helm, for in crafting this eccentric little series she has grasped a certain manic energy and grafted it into a deeply introspective story about the members of a very odd family and the mirror-world version of Kyoto that they live in.

And indeed, Matsumoto is currenting the director for BONES' Blood Blockade Battlefront

Favourites / Your favourite pet in Fullmetal Alchemist
« on: March 01, 2015, 01:33:45 AM »
3 Dogs...1 cat? :P

General / Characters comprehension in relation to your age
« on: February 08, 2015, 08:28:05 PM »
Do your comprehension i.e. appreciation, understanding, perception of the characters in Saint Seiya change as you become older? For example when you reach the same age as a character, or when you become much older than them.

Also, how does it feel to become older than the characters? :P

Games / SMT: Persona 5
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:32:56 PM »
Persona 5 PV1

Anyone else looking forward to this game? I know I am. ;D

With such a long time gap between 4 and 5 the visual sure received much upgrades. Now it looks quite similar to Catherine.

Manga / Shared elements in Lost Canvas and Next Dimension
« on: January 31, 2015, 10:49:38 PM »
In both of the mangas there are common elements/people that appeared in both of them but used differently.

Such as
- Flower bracelet
- Alone
- Tenma
- Garuda suikyo
- Time god (Chronos/Kairos)
- Shion
- Dohko

I know some of them (like Alone) don't make enough appearance in ND yet to make much comparison, but I'm wondering what people think about them so far. Which of the mangas do you think portray them better, and why?

I'm also curious to know whether people prefer Dohko or Suikyo being Tenma teacher.

Favourites / Which are your favourite pairs of twin?
« on: January 25, 2015, 09:31:20 PM »
3 Maximum votes per person.

I think I might still be missing some pairs, mainly from Ep. G, Saintia Sho, Gigatomanchia and LC - Gaiden which I haven't read, if there's one.

Basically this poll/thread is about the remarkable amount of twins (for both major and minor characters) the series have managed to accumulate over the years despite not being a fiction about clones.

AMVs+Videos / Seiya and Saori Beauty and the Beast Duet x2
« on: January 13, 2015, 06:04:38 PM »
I know this thing has been out for almost a year now but I don't think I saw anything about it posted on here, while not directly related to Saint Seiya I think some people who don't know about it yet might be interested...because it's cute.

1. Orion Eden/Pharoah (Suwabe Junichi) & (Kuwashima Houko) singing "I See the Light" from Tangled
Also Dandy and Scarlet from Space Dandy

2. Pegasus Seiya (Furuya Tohru) & Kido Saori (Han Keiko) singing "Beauty and the Beast" from Beauty and the Beast

3. Virgo Shaka/Lyra Orpheus [movie] (Mitsuya Yuuji) & (Hikada Noriko) singing "A whole New World" from Alladin
Also Uesugi Tatsuya and Asakura Minami from Touch

4. Gemini Saga/kanon [Hades/games] (Okiayu Ryoutarou) & Sasha (Hirano Aya) singing "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen

5. Gemini Saga [Legend of Sanctuary] (Yamadera Kouichi) & (Tanaka Rie) singing "The Second Star to the Right" from Peter Pan

6. Phoenix Ikki [Hades]/Lionet Souma (Konishi Katsuyuki) & (Saiga Mitsuki) singing "Hakuna Matata" from Lion King

7. Pegasus Seiya [Hades Elysion & Inferno/games] (Morita Mazakasu) & Kido Saori [Hades Elysion & Inferno/games] (Orikasa Fumiko) singing "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast
Also Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach

8. Aries Shion [Lost Canvas]/Garuda Aiacos[/color] (Shinichirou Miki) & (Park Romi) singing "We're all in This Together" from High School Musical
Also Roy Mustang and Edward Elric from FMA:B, Mikisugi Aikurou and Kiryuuin Ragyou from Kill la Kill

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