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Misc Anime News / Live-Action feature
« on: May 18, 2017, 10:12:44 AM »
So you all may have heard we were getting a live action feature right?

Here's some more info :)

Japan’s Toei Animation is teaming with Hong Kong-based A Really Good Film Company (ARGF) to produce an English-language, live-action film version of hot Toei anime property Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac.

Based on Masami Kurumada’s best-selling manga, Saint Seiya is one of the world’s biggest animated franchises, with total revenue of more than $1.1bn since 1986. Toei Animation has produced over 250 TV episodes and six features, which were released in over 80 countries. The original manga by Masami Kurumada has sold over 35 million copies.

ARGF has joined Toei Animation as its development and China co-production partner for the live-action version and will be handling Greater China distribution.

Yoshi Ikezawa and Joseph Chou of Toei Animation will serve as producers, along with ARGF founder Jeffrey Chan, who is also COO of Bona Film Group. Tim Kwok of Convergence Entertainment, Miguel Faura and Kozo Morishita of Toei Animation are executive producing with Kurumada.

The story of Saint Seiya follows a group of mystical warriors, the Saints, who are sworn protectors of the reincarnated Greek goddess Athena as she battles other Olympian gods to save mankind. Each of the Saints wears a powerful sacred armour based on their chosen zodiac constellation.

Kurumada said: “This is for our loyal fanbase who have supported Seiya for the last 30 years as well as the new generation of fans.

Toei Animation chairman Kozo Morishita said: “We are very excited to be partnering with ARGF to bring this title to a worldwide audience as a live-action feature film, which we hope to be the first of many more to come from Toei’s large IP stable.”

Chan said: “After almost two years of developing the project with my fellow producers, it still feels surreal to me to be able to work on such a fantastic animation franchise of which I’m a big fan myself.”

ARGF is an investment, production and acquisition vehicle under Just Creative Studio, the newly-formed joint venture between the Bona Film Group and Nansun Shi’s N&J Enterprises. The company previously produced Eric Koo’s In the Room and acquired Toei International’s Midnight Diner 2 for China distribution.

Google translationg from saint seiya Taizen
New Artbook "Sanctuary" will have more than 90 illustrations not included in the original manga.
The new artbook " Saint Seiya 30 Shunen Kinen Gashu, seiiki - sanctuary " (" book of illustrations of celebration of 30 years of saint seiya - sanctuary "), already announced for here, had a new picture of its cover Published by the amazon store. There it is possible to see the Obi (strip of paper) on the cover of the book stressing that he will have more than 90 illustrations that were not included in version tankobon (the same that led to the versions already published by here for Conrad and jbc) The Original Manga. There's still also the indication again that there will be a poster colorful in commemoration of the 30 years of saint seiya.
That Images Can be those? Certainly already known color images that have appeared in other artbooks and other versions of the manga, as the kanzenban which will soon come to Brazil. Remembering that kurumada has already published several illustrations of saint seiya in form of covers and posters, especially in magazines of akita shoten.
The Artbook will be released October 21th by the publisher takarajimasha, costing 2700 Yen (not including fees and shipping) and will bring together a selection of color images of the manga, scenes with dialogue, striking images of blows and a section titled " Seiya Heroine Meikan " (something like heroin list of seiya), besides of that poster.

Guess what i'm gonna get :D

Saint Seiya Misc. News / Saint Seiya: Golden Age, Co-laboration manga
« on: June 17, 2016, 11:04:09 AM »
So here are some pages from the new manga that most of the Saint Seiya manga-kas worked on together. Credits go to Saint Seiya Taizen
I have no info on it though

Next Dimension / Vol 10!
« on: April 11, 2016, 06:47:16 AM »
Coming on June 8th as prophesied! :D

Lost Canvas / Twin Gaiden #8
« on: April 08, 2016, 05:38:45 PM »
I completely forgot about this, lol
ANyway, chinese scans.

Lost Canvas / Twin Gaiden # 7 preview
« on: February 12, 2016, 04:48:49 AM »
Shiori posted a previwe of the color pages in the next chapter :D
Gateguard has fancy red hair

Lost Canvas / Twin Gaiden # 6
« on: February 06, 2016, 07:42:43 AM »
Here's the chinese scans for the chapter

Lost Canvas / Alone special
« on: December 19, 2015, 03:06:19 AM »
Some spoiler images for the Alone chapter! Minos!!! :D

Lost Canvas / Twin Gaiden # 5
« on: December 15, 2015, 04:48:23 AM »

It's the previous Libra Saint! :D

Saint Seiya Misc. News / Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary!
« on: December 02, 2015, 07:44:42 AM »
So Kurumada production just opened a new website to celebrate the 30th anniversary,

It includes news, such as a little info on the event in Akihabara, called "Complete Works of Saint Seiya" which will take place in June.

Lost Canvas / Twin Gaiden #4
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:35:15 AM »
Google translation from french, from saintseiyapedia:
Gaiden old twin 4 - The Sanctuary in confusion.

Hakurei is shaken to see Gateguard.

"Impossible ... You were supposed to be the most faithful of all to the Pope Itia. And yet it is you he would have killed him? I can not believe that!"
"It is precisely because I am!"

The Gateguard torso glows. He then throws the Cosmos as a golden ram.

"Force Soar!"
"What? A ram with the golden fleece dark on me ..."
Hakurei takes the attack and Cloth is broken.

"This ram with the golden fleece is pure primordial energy. This is the life force of the constellation of Aries who lives in my body. The Ram, which is the entrance of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, is a symbol a new birth after returning from the dead. It is pure energy mass that wildly pierces the darkness of the sky. My body is a door to invoke this energy. Go Hakurei, user Seki Shiki. Be overwhelmed by this whirlwind of energy unleashed. "
It launches a new golden ram.
"Kuh Gateguard ..."

Sage notices something happened.
"Right now ... the Cosmos my brother exploded ..."
(It must not happen ... We had already lost the Pope, we can not afford to lose my brother ... This will definitely someone essential during Holy War. It will require j ' go join the ... More ...)
"You look good thinker."
Francisca Taurus stands in his way.
"But I do not hate this head."
"Francisca ... Take back your minds ..."
(I have the landslide ... No ...! I must not kill him ... I have to do it back to normal and rid of Fairies which are housed in his soul! But how do What to face a Gold Saint determined to kill me ... And the scariest are with him ...)
"I do not leave you time to think!"
Francisca bends down and then darkens tackle on Wise.

"Bull Ring Spike!"
(This force, number 1 among the Golds, and the explosive power!)
"Guh ... Uooo ..."
Sage blocks Francisca.

"Ha ha! I expected no less! Then you have not been propelled into the air .."
(Just remember wondering what I am ...)
"You make written! In that case ... Let us compare our strength!"
"Kuh ... Oooooh!"
Sage gives a punch to the mention of Francisca. Taurus helmet is thrown into the air. Francisca stepped back to avoid the blow.
"You are within range of attack!"
Francisca background Sage again.
"Meikai Ha!"
But Francisca repels the attack on his arm.

"It does not even act sand to blind me!"
Sage takes two, then three times Francisca attacks.
(I will not leave you time to think! This place has become my league. Sage! You're just a gladiator intended to get killed! And now ...)
"The coup de grace!"
Francisca enters the body of Sage, but it becomes phosphorescent and disappears.
"How ... The body changes into Sage son?"
The soul of Francisca is torn from his body.
"Wh ... what is that?"
The soul of Francisca and Fairies which revolved around are caught in the Meikai Ha.

"It was tied up with several layers of souls of Meikai Ha ... But when ..."
"Even after Thee brainwashed, you fight in a frank and direct manner. This side there does not displease me at home, Francisca"
Sage looks down Francisca.
"It is completely impossible ... I held you in my arena ... Why you draw a winner of mind?"
"I really was in danger. I could distract you with an instant Meikai Ha. This short time I was able to gather souls to create a replica of myself. So that you throw yourself of you- even in this thread "
"Taken in ... Do not make me mad, Sage! Fight for fair!"
"No problems!" Sage said with a smile.

"Once you have found your minds"
Sage snaps his fingers and blue flames incinerate Fairies.
Francisca remembers seeing Gateguard assassinate the Pope.

(Stop. Stop, Gateguard. Not the Pope. It is you who will die ...)
He watched the scene intently, under the influence of brainwashing.
Francisca to regained consciousness.

".. Wise ?"
"Francisca? You're back?"
Francisca puts a hand on Epeule Sage.
"Pardon, Sage ... How is it that I could not stop Gateguard ... We must stop it ... It be too close to housing!"
"How? Gateguard is there?"
"It was he who murdered His Highness Itia ... How is it that all the others and I were ourselves thinking that what he did was good ..."
"It is impossible ... Him ...?"
(This is the instigator him Fairies who used to wash the brains of everyone ...)
"We must act quickly ... It's out of control ... Yet he stood more to His Highness that Itia Athena ..."

(It must be for the ideal world he preaches ... I will not let put your plan in action you, Gateguard! But ... If this is the case, my brother is in danger!)

Hakurei were misled by the attacks of Gateguard.
(It smells bad ... I have to have several broken ribs ... I have trouble breathing ...)
"The Silver Cloths are pathetic."
"How ?"
"A Gold Cloth would not have suffered such damage after one or two shots. The Altar Cloth ... It seems a little stronger than other Silver Cloths though."
Gateguard hakurei grab by the neck and hit her head against the floor.
"Ka ..."
"So So here the limits of one who assists the Pope? Your true power is supposed to be equivalent basis to those of other Gold Saints we! You imagined to protect the Pope as well? Then you're unable to express your true powers Why have rejected the Gold Cloth? ... Why did this illustrious person has chosen as an alternate ... "

"... You know ... I too would like to know ..."
"You've always been like that ... You do not pay attention to your position. Between workouts, you'd have fun with guards or Bronzes apprentices, and you did not show reverence necessary to your superiors. You was expressing that indifference to the prestige of receiving directly from the lessons from the Pope his greatness, and you showed no pride as an apprentice Gold. Irresponsible like you only disturb the harmony of the Sanctuary! "
"Haha ... That's the impression I gave?"
"You could not protect what you were supposed to defend! ... You'd better die. Hakurei!"
Gateguard intensifies its Cosmos.
(This is dangerous ... If I take my strength Soar at close range, I'm sure there let life!)
Arrows then pierce the chest of Gateguard.

"Huh? ... These arrows are immaterial? What ..."
"Sorry to interpose myself in an important discussion. While I'm not yet a mere Silver, right?"
He who struck the blow is Archon of the Arrow.
"The Arrow ... Vermin ..."
"Archon ... Flee ... Do not mind me. Gateguard is not an opponent within your reach!"

"I do not care about you at the base. Hakurei ... But I do not like the way to make this guy, that's all!"
"Ho ..."
Archon trembles under the look that gives him Gateguard.

"I hear you ringing in my head there is little again ... Only Golds have value for you ... No, only the Pope has, and all the others are worthless in your eyes It ' Is that why you allow yourself to handle your classmates and you did set fire here ... What a joke! "
"What is it problematic that the elites and their ideals have priority?"
"I would not say that you have no value. But the Silver should be used as Silver. And if you are left out or you die, it is simply because you were inferior.」
"Stop the bullshit! You're beautiful to be" Mr. Gold ", I find that you have no value! No ... You're even a Saint of Athena anyway!"
Archon attack Gateguard. But his attack is blocked by the Cloth of Gateguard.
"You have not even tried to avoid ..."
"I suspect that Silver is unable to understand things as a whole."

Gateguard is about to launch the Soar Force. But then Hakurei hits his head from behind.
"I am convinced that you are not revealed your true intentions by saying, Gateguard. It's true that I've never really due to differences between Bronze, Silver or Gold. But Gateguard ... Do you want to see ? The real power of money ... that of the constellation of the Altar ... "

Lost Canvas / Aries Shion Chap 6!
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:51:10 PM »

Seems, Teshi pulled out her nice tools for this cover :D

Saint Seiya Misc. News / Kurumada Cloth Designs?
« on: May 03, 2015, 01:37:16 AM »
Okay so this just showed up in the Saint Seiya community

It's a scetch supposedly made by Kurumada for the Dorado Cloth. They are reference scetches for Bandai and Toei, apparently.
Apparently a site called, an auction site of sorts, got a package of 25 designs

Got it from here


I'm unsure, mainly because of the face being different from Kurumada's style. Plus some of the armor isn't quite as Kurumada's style.

Games / Nintendo amiibo
« on: April 25, 2015, 02:16:20 PM »
So i'm guessing that most of you have seen, own or heard of the Amiibos that Nintendo produce.

What are your thoughts about them?

My initial thoughts where "Cool, awesome!" But then my wallet said no before they were released.
So i have sworn to only get R.O.B (or any Golden Sun characters)

But just at the start of this month, Nintendo revealed that they were releasing Ammibos of Yoshi made out of yarn, for the release of Yoshi's Woolly World.
This i couldn't resist, so i preordered two of them, and the Special Edition of the game.

What do you think about this marketing strategy? Effective isn't it? :)

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