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Steamrollers / Ai no Saori
« on: November 08, 2008, 01:03:49 PM »
The sequel to Matei Mizuki, now a work in progress.  Whoo!

First three chapters are up, chronicling the first few days of Saori Ichimonji's life when her already quirky experience delves into the supernatural.


Steamrollers / Decided to post my works from fictionpress here
« on: October 05, 2008, 06:52:20 PM »
Because, in all honesty, the zilch response I've gotten from Matei Mizuki is upsetting.  I'm not one to give up on a story, however, so I'm just going to do the absolute minimum.  I posted Matei in its entirety on fictionpress, and I figured I might as well just post the link here.

Matei Mizuki:
The story that started it all.  Building on ideas from the Intense Clash, a story I look back on with disgust due to Writer Backdraft, I reimagined Mizuki and company to be genuinely unique and original characters.  A similar theme, about struggling against the ideas of Destiny, is the chief focus, but I also put an emphasis on characterization as well.  At least I hope.

Matei Mizuki: Moments Between:
Meant to be read after Matei.  A collection of one-shots, some of them humerous, some of them serious, that clear things up and are meant to just entertain.

Maoh Soma:
A side-story to Matei Mizuki, taking place 9 months afterwards.  Focuses on Soma Elpiz, a minor character from Matei, and is meant to help lead into Ai no Saori, my planned sequel to Mizuki.

... Not sure if anyone's going to bother looking at this, hey, it's worth a shot.

Steamrollers / Because You're Pathetic
« on: October 03, 2008, 05:49:04 PM »
It didn't really matter what their names were.  It didn't matter where they had came from.  At the start of the day, and at the end of the day, all that mattered was they vowed to serve the goddess without hesitation if they won.

Ten rounds, they thought.  Just ten battles, and the Bronze Cloth of the Pegasus would be theirs.  And they would win.  Why not?  The others could not possibly have trained as hard as they had, had suffered so greatly over the years to become just one of the lowliest of the Saints.

And so one thousand, twenty four fighters entered that tournament in Sanctuary, all knowing that victory would be easy.

And one day later, half of them had been defeated.  And the only reason was that those they had fought had trained harder, they had suffered more.  And that was the cruel nature of a tournament, because for every winner, there had to be a loser.  And there were so many tears shed, dreams of what could have been, what should have been amounting to the greatest torture possible.

And the only reason was simply the others had given more for their goddess.  Good enough hadn't been good enough.

In short, they were pathetic.  Undeserving of their goddess's love.

Steamrollers / Matei Mizuki
« on: February 11, 2008, 05:48:25 PM »
A/N: What originally started as a fic a few weeks ago to blow off steam quickly grew to be something more, and I've fallen in love with this reworking of the Coronas, who were meant to be nothing more than one-time villains in Intense Clash.  In short, this is an AU about them, outside of the Intense Clash continuity, more "Magic Girl"-ish than my other works, and also exploring the ideas of what fate and destiny really are and how the control us.  Anyways, enjoy!

The maiden

It was early that Monday when I rose up from her bed, still struggling with remembering where everything was in this new house.  Clock was to the left now, same with the dresser.

I rose up, stumbled over to it and grabbed some clothes, blouse, blue skirt, and the rest of the stuff that my hands stumbled on.  After that came washing up for the first day in the rest of my life.  I couldn’t help but indulge in a sad kind of laugh… optimism never did me any good.

Bathroom was the first door on my right when I stepped out of my room.  I bathed quickly and then stepped out.  I really shouldn’t have done it, but I forced myself to look in the mirror.  I looked decent… as usual.

My name is Mizuki Rajoshin, I am 5’9” tall, and today is my first day of class at Tokyo’s famed M-- University.  That should be reason to celebrate, and to extent, I was happier than I was other days.  For one, my parents wouldn’t have to see me when I came home today, since they were off in New York City, doing their new jobs.

I come from Sendai, a region in Japan that is known for plain-looking women.  Whether there’s any proof of that besides me, I’m not sure.  I only moved to Tokyo a week ago, and back home I saw plenty of beautiful women… petite, able to style their hair any way they want, and never worrying about not having a date on Friday, if they were the especially lucky ones.

And here I was, taller than most Japanese adult men, with long black hair, brown eyes, and a face that -while not ugly- was not something that would win me any pageants.  I paused for a moment, wondering if trying to at least apply some make-up would be appropriate, but I decided against it.

A plate of leftovers later, I was out the door, with a Mapquest guide to M--.  I was glad my credits had transferred over from it’s sister college C--, it would save me some time in terms of getting my credits… some of them hard-earned and nearly impossible to reclaim.

Art, literature, and calligraphy were no problem.  I had free reign in that, I could do as I pleased.  But math?  I sucked at.  History?  I did only slightly better.

I’m on the campus now… the walk wasn’t as bad as I feared.  Nobody was really paying attention to me, but I had expected that.  The trial by fire, though, was going be coming up soon.
Half an hour later, I was standing outside the doors of my first class, next to probably the worst class representative I have ever met.  She introduced herself as Horoki Hikari, and stood bright and cheerful.  That’s perfectly fine, she looked like a nice enough person.  Brown eyes, light-brown hair in a pair of pigtails, a few freckles on her cheeks…

But she’s wearing a fuku.  A sailing uniform… like those that students in secondary schools are required to wear.  M--, being a University, is a little more flexible in its dresscode, but this isn’t Sailor Moon.

Almost as if she was reading my mind, she smiled and spoke up on the subject.

“So tell me… do you do any of the fun stuff at the shrine like Sailor Mars?” Horoki asked innocently.  I didn’t answer her.  “Come on, it says right here that you serve as a miko -a shrine maiden/priestess- for the Rajoshin Shrine!”

“I just started.”

“But what about wearing a hakama and looking into the flames and-”

I just started.

Before Hikari could say anything else, the door opened, the professor coming out and nodding.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

M-- has the tradition in which each student that transfers in must introduce themselves to one class, to “introduce” them to the various groups and clubs to avoid running the risk of the person become ignored and avoided.  Crazy, but I’ve heard its worked… to an extent.

I walk in after Horoki, the girl having written my name in both English and Kanji on the whiteboard.  I step in front of the class… there’s about fifty people.

“I’m Mizuki Rajoshin…” I could already tell that a lot of people were tuning out to what I was saying.  The men mainly because I wasn’t even a pretty face, some of the girls for thinking I was an intruder into their little in-crowds.  Nevertheless I continued.

“I transferred here because my parents have been attempting to become interpreters for various UN ambassadors for the past few years without much luck until recently.  Since they were going to be busy most of the time, they decided that my grandfather should take me in… he’s the one that runs the Rajoshin Shrine.  I’m a little interested in Shinto and agreed to be a miko, but I really don’t know much about it just yet.”

That’s a half-lie.  When you’re a kid, you love mythology.  Everyone does.  There’s that one manga writer out there making millions on his series Sea Ruler Oceanus… it’s absurdly formulaic where a young man discovers he’s the reincarnation of the Titan of the Seas and fights against the tyranny of his older brother Chronos.  It’s the nostalgia factor for the people that read it… and the foreign nature of the story makes it more appealing.

I was the same, always reading up about Shintoism.  Shinto is unusual that it feels everything has a god.  There’s a god for your house, there’s a god for clouds, there’s a god for groups of clouds, and it goes that way.  Being a Shrine Maiden, as Grandpa Kouji told me, really just comes down to performing a few short rituals a day, or at least he’s going to keep it limited to that for me.

The rest was basic stuff, didn’t look like many people were paying attention anyways.  I finished up and took an empty seat and got ready for the lecture.
I noticed right away that people dyeing their hair at M-- was absurdly popular… various shades of blue seeming to be the most frequently occurring, although most of the people in question seemed to otherwise be normal in terms of their habits, like the one sitting next to me at a small restaurant on campus.

His name was Julien, Julien Solo… nice guy, and had decent skill in speaking Japanese.  He was studying abroad and had come from Greece, gave me a few bits of advice about the various people to know at M--.

“So…” he asked as I finished my bowl of noodles, “You living on campus?”

“No.  I walk here.”

“Oh…” he answered before standing up.  “Well… I need to get to my next class.  It was nice talking with you anyways.”  He walked away, waving once.  I returned the favor before checking my schedule… nothing for another two hours.  Well, it would give me time to look around and get the lay of the land.
Six hours later, my classes were all done for the day, it was getting into the early evening, and I wanted nothing more than to just go home to bed.  M-- seemed fairly deserted too, most of the students in their dorms or home by now, and most professors having long since left.

Didn’t really matter though.  Crime is low in Japan.  With civilian ownership of guns outlawed, all there really was to worry about was knives, and I wasn’t too scared of that.

Of course, I wasn’t prepared for that I encountered that night… who really would be?  I was maybe half an hour’s walk from home and leaving the campus when I felt a shiver go down my back.  Behind me… I could feel that someone -no, something- was behind me.

I turned to see some strange, shadowing figure standing there with only the slightest echoing of a human form.

“You…” it was a female voice.  I wondered if I should’ve been surprised or not.  A black hand rose up, pointing at me, and I took a step back in caution.  It didn’t do any good though, as the ground around me suddenly darkened, black hands reach up all around me and binding me down.

I screamed, I screamed as loud as I could.  When some black creature that is obviously not human starts attacking you, you really lose all ability to keep a level head simply because you’re not used to it.  Military soldiers get trained to perform in situations when live ammunition is being fired overhead, to get used to the sound and the atmosphere.  If it had been some drunk or pervert, that would’ve been one thing, but this was entirely different.

Of course, the creature itself had sent one hand down my throat to choke me and make my screams and probably kill me too.  It felt like water- no, not water.  Water was fluid, your arms moved through it.  What was killing me was something dark, something demonic…

But then a brilliant white light erupted from behind the creature, and I heard screams that were not my own.

“Leave this girl alone, servant of the Shiko!”

The creature faded away, dissolving as I found myself able to breath… falling to the ground and panting for new breath as I looked up at my savior.

She was shorter than me, but that was no challenge… maybe five or six inches shorter.  Her hair was short… the tresses themselves being light brown with a slight bit of red in them… I wondered if she dyed her hair like Julien and the others did.

But what she was wearing was the most surprising thing about her… she looked to be wearing normal clothes… but only underneath a suit of white armor, intricately designed and beyond belief in terms of perfection.  In her hand was a small blade, maybe a foot long and also white.  Darkness quickly overtook me, however.
The light.

I looked down at the girl in surprise.  I could barely believe I was that late… she could have died… or worse.

The monster was gone… Bright Luminescence had been enough to expel that one, probably it was one of Genbu’s.  It wouldn’t be surprising, considering his abilities.

She was that new girl, Mizuki Rajoshin.  Gosh, I had thought, She’s taller than they said…  I immediately reverted back to civilian clothes, glad nobody else saw.  Taking out my phone, I immediately dialed my superior.

“Loretta Brauner here,” came the familiar female voice.  She should be familiar, considering she was my teacher for literature.

“Fate,” I addressed her by her alter-ego, “It’s me… we nearly lost one.”

“Who was it, Minako?!?” she said in a worried tone.  That was odd… Miss Brauner usually wasn’t surprised.  No, correct that.  She never was.

“The new girl… Mizuki Rajoshin… she was attacked.  She doesn’t look that good.”

“I see.  Can you move her?”

“Yes, I can get her to your office.”

“Understood.  I’ll meet you there.”

Picking up the taller girl, I struggled back to Miss Brauner’s building, swiping my identification card to disengage the electronic locks.  A few minutes later, I rounded the bend to see her there, looking unusually worried.

“How… how much did she see?” Loretta asked.

“She was already being choked when I got there…”

“Did anyone else-” she stopped when I shook my head.  This was… uncomfortable.  Fate had always been the one to never be surprised or stunned by any action of the Shiko in the past.  “I understand.  There’s only one thing we can do now… the talk.”

I knew that was true… she was the new girl.  People might not even take what she had said seriously, and she might try to do something crazy or dangerous to prove what she had seen.

“Okay then.  Let’s get somewhere a little better situated for this then…”
The maiden

I woke up to the sight of two figures… the first being my savior.  The other was a teacher here… I didn’t know which one.

“Minako Yuki.  First year student here at M--.” the girl said, reaching out.  I shook her hand before the woman shook my hand as well.

“Loretta Brauner,” the woman continued.  Her Japanese was flawless for a foreigner, better than Julien’s.  “Professor of Literature here at M--.  And you, Mizuki Rajoshin… have seen something you shouldn’t have.”

My blood ran cold for a moment.  They weren’t going to kill me were-

“Rest assured,” Loretta continued, “Your life is in no danger at the present time.  Unfortunately, however things do not bode well for you because of this… You have had your first viewing of a war… our war.”


“Against the Shiko,” Minako explained.  “Not exactly demons, not exactly gods… but certainly not human.”

“What… what are they then?” I asked.

“Exactly as Minako said,” Loretta answered.  “They are timeless entities… and we understand very little about them.  It is for the best…”

“You have got to be kidding me…”

“No, we are not,” Loretta snapped, stunning me a little.  “Do you have any explanation, Miss Miko, for what you saw out there, which would have killed you had we not interfered?”

“Uh… no…”

“I expected as much…” she sighed, knowing this would take awhile.
Mankind is, to an extent, a creation of the god that is ignored by them.  We have reached a point that they do not interact with us because of our arrogance, our pride.  For every act of divine intervention, we will do one of three things.

First, we may refuse to believe it.  We will sneer at the religious, kill their ideals and their mysticism for the purposes of science.  We cannot truly have something we can leave alone… every stone must be uncovered.  Every mystery of the faith must be shattered, sages must be discredited… all because of the second kind of person.

There are then those that misinterpret the signs.  They blame misfortune for actions of the gods… and that is wrong.  Terrible actions simply occur because it is one’s fate, nothing else.  Yet these people will condemn those they dislike… and lead crusades, either physical or metaphysical, to punish them.

And lastly, there are those that simply ignore these miracles.  They are the worst, because they do not care.  And that is the greatest sin a person can be capable of.  To ignore your destiny because you don’t care is the most abominable crime a human can commit.

These three kinds of people are why the gods have abandoned us, left us to confront the Shiko.  They have left, taking their lot with them… demons, spirits, they are all gone, leaving us at the mercy of the Shiko and their agents…

But I will not stand that.  This is not mankind’s fate… and so Minako and I fight, as others have before us.  Fought against the evil the represent.

And now, you are one of us

I blinked in surprise as the last statement.  “I-I’m sorry… but that’s crazy.  I just moved here.  I’m going to be a miko for my Grandpa and-”

“Silence,” Loretta commanded, and it was so.  Sound died around me, and I couldn’t speak at all.  Minako wasn’t surprised by this at all, looking worried at me nonetheless.  “I will not tolerate you to abandon your fate.”  She stood up and walked around me, all the while leaving me powerless to argue.  “You saw Minako… she never lets a servant of the Shiko reach their intended victims before she vanquishes them.  This is something surprising… it must mean that you were meant to see it.”

She reached out, touching my head with her finger as a bright light shined around her and then me.

It felt odd… I experienced no sensation at all… no shock, no exhilaration, nothing entering or leaving my body…

“It is done,” Loretta said as she removed her hand.  “You have been anointed now… you are a Celestial Warrior, like Minako.”  She nodded at the girl, who took the act as a sign to leave.  “You will defend Tokyo against the forces of the Shiko from now on… revel in it, for you are a defender of humanity.  You will now go to sleep… and wake up at your home.  Goodbye, Mizuki Rajoshin.”

Everything went black again…

And then I discovered myself standing back home, staring at the prayer altar in the shrine…

I had no idea what had just happened, but I knew it was for real.  And no matter what, Horoki couldn’t know… because she’d demand to be one too.

Steamrollers / Don't Get Shura Drunk
« on: January 25, 2008, 07:32:56 AM »
A/N: Just a little two-shot I imagined earlier today.

"I'm sorry... I really don't think I should get involved in this," The Spanish Capricorn said as Aiolia and Deathmask, already intoxicated from the night's activities and getting well on their way of being intoxicated by their drinks, continued to goad him on.

"Come on..." Aiolia responded with a goofy grin, "She challenged you!  She's drunk the rest of the Gold Saints under the table... and done who knows to them down there!"

"I'm waiting..."

Deathmask, Aiolia, and Shura turned around to see Shaina sitting at a table, seeing Shaina looking at all three of them, a cobra deciding which mouse to swallow whole.  The Silver Saint bore no signs of even a single sip of alcohol, and her lower body mass had been very deceptive in previous matches, leading many a Gold Saint to false confidence and ultimately defeat.

Aldebaran had already made that mistake... and paid for it with his dignity.

Shura sighed... at this rate, all of Sanctuary would have a nightmare of a hangover tomorrow, and the Ophiucus Saint showed no sign of slowing down.  Sitting down in front of Shaina, he heard Aiolia and Deathmask shouting out in victory.

"You're going down... goat-boy," Shaina said coyly, pouring her shot-glass full and downing it in one go.  She slid the drink over to Shura, the spectators at the bar looking as the green-haired woman would claim her next victim.  He poured his own poison, struggling through the first sip before forcing the rest down.

Already the world was spinning, and he couldn't make sure if the absurdly hot and sensuous Italian he was looking at was Shaina or Deathmask.

"You're not looking too good... wanna call it quits?"

Shura turned back to the table.  So it had been Deathmask.  With as much focus as he could muster, he shook his head, Shaina promptly drinking her glass empty again.

Shura returned the favor.

Surprised at how inebriated Shura had become after one drink, Shaina was amazed he was still awake after two.  So she quickly downed her beverage, only for Shura to again return the favor.  And it happened again... and again... and again...

Finally, though, the amazed Silver Saint collapsed onto the table, Deathmask and Aiolia shouting out in victory as they clapped their champion on the back.

"Shura, you did it!"

"Way to go, Shura!"

"Offfffff... courshhhhheee I did..." Shura said as he turned around.  His face was beet red, grinning in victory.  "Because I am... I am Shura!  The Sword that Smites Evil!"

Leo and Cancer exchanged worried glances as Shura gripped his shirt and ripped it off, revealing his proud Spanish torso as he punched his fist into the air.

"CHESTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed out randomly before running off into the night... incidentally nearly running of the them-arriving Aiolos, who could only look at his friend run in horror.

"Aiolia, Deathmask... what've you done?!?" Aiolos shouted as he grabbed his little brother.  The two Gold Saints looked at each other nervously as the sober Sagittarius groaned in frustration.

"We... got Shura... to drink against Shaina..." Aiolia answered, causing all color to drain from his brother's face.

"What's so wrong about that?" Deathmask asked.

Aiolos groaned again... this wasn't good.  "Gentlemen... you have officially screwed us all over."

Anime/Manga / One Piece
« on: December 03, 2007, 04:03:57 PM »
Because One Piece is awesome and nobody's made a topic for it yet.

It has direct downloads for all the episodes, manga chapters, all the albums, and the movies.

When he began?  The fact some situations are alluded to earlier on but not expanded on until much later in the Sanctuary arc has me believing that Kurumada had much of that arc planned out well in advance.  The Poseidon and Hades arcs, however, I'm not to sure on...

Any ideas?

Saint Seiya Spam / Rhadamanthys, a worthy opponent, or just plain funny?
« on: September 15, 2007, 03:32:25 PM »
Walking back from buy my dinner today, I realized something... Radamanthys is pretty funny when you think about his character.  Not like over-the-top funny like Joseph Joestar, who often refers to using his ultimate strategy in fights, only to scream "AND IT'S RUNNNNIIINGGG AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!", but just the kind that you think "Huh... that's weird."

First point: Radamanthys is English.  Of all the characters with English attack names, however, his is the only one that is just crazy.  "Greatest Caution"?  I'd understand if it was an electrical moved and was titled "Greatest Cation", but the word is pronounced "Cat-ion".  So we end up with the character that shoiuld have the best grasp of the English language the only one with an attack name with no sense.

Second point: The unibrow.  'Nuff said.    Wait, no... not enough just yet.  Aiacos and Minos possibly had unibrows too, but had corrective surgery and transferred the hair to their head.  So why not Radamanthys?

Third point: Radamanthys's symbol is the Wyvern, a creature very similar to a dragon, but lacking forearms and possessing bird-positioned wings.  However, he is also a warrior, arguably a knight of some sort... which runs contrary to the whole dragon ideal.  To further this fact, Radamanthys is tortured effortlessly by Pandora, an untypical "maiden", which happens to be the typical prey of a dragon.

Just felt the need to point this out... yeah...

Crossover / If "Saint Seiya" got into a Super Robot Wars-like game...
« on: September 10, 2007, 03:41:31 PM »
Which members of the cast do you think should be in it?

For those that don't know, SWR is a bit like Fire Emblem, except with giant robots from various manga/anime shows.  The series had its start on the Gameboy and has been on nearly ever console out there, and its "Original Generation" installments on the GBA, the only ones brought over here, have been pretty successful.  Usually a few members of each game take part in it, such as a few members from the original Mobile Suit Gundam in Super Robot Wars 3, etc.

So, any ideas who deserves being in a game like that the most?  I'd say Jabu's one of them, just because.


It's the fight between Rei and Yuda from Hokuto no Ken.  I finally got around to watching it... and it fits the standard of fights with fewer attacks/more talking per minute with an average that blows Saint Seiya out of the water.

Long story short, skip to 3:57.  Now, Rei's symbol was the Swan... and we see numerous swans majestically flying together.

And then it hit me... I remembered Hyoga's first fight against Camus, and the same sequence was shown... of the swans, not of two guys fighting, one of them even more creepily femine in appearance than Misty and Aphrodite's lovechild if it was born a transvestite.

The sequence doesn't appear to late in the series, and Hokuto no Ken ENDED in '87, meaning Seiya borrowed the footage and not the other way around.

Saint Seiya Spam / Better names for the show...
« on: September 01, 2007, 01:35:43 PM »
You know, since Saint Seiya sorta might end up scaring away all the Seiya haters out there... we need a better title for it.

My suggestion is "Super Amazing Androgenous Bishonen Half-hour Adventure Show!!"

Yes, with two exclamation points.

I was wondering, if only few a few moments, why the power of some Specters seemed absurdly high...

Lune and Pharaoh laughed off Seiya's Ryuseiken, even at its best, yet Shiryu and Hyoga, after getting through the fourth prison, had no trouble whatsoever in any of their fights.  In the anime, we even see them blow through a whole horde of Specters effortlessly.

It is for this reason I believe the three "super" Specters of the first three prisons, which required Gold Saint/Orphee intervention are all about the same in rank.

Lune is stated to be Minos's sub a couple of times.  Pharaoh never claims to be a sub, but he was certainly high up on the totem pole for Pandora to delegate tricking Orphee to.  Phlegyas... I dunno.  He fits the requirements for being relevant to the plot, what with being a bishonen, and he damaged Hyoga and Shiryu's Cloths... a feat Sylphid and Gordon weren't able to do.  Tragically, Kanon GE'd him before he said anything implying/denying that he was a sub.

Advertise Your Site Here / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Scanslations
« on: August 18, 2007, 04:07:31 PM »

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the epic manga series have been uploaded, part 5 is only a few chapters away from completion, and then the guys will start work on 6 and 7, the last of which actulally only began recently.

In my opinion, you can very easily read just parts 1 and 3 and get your time's worth out of downloading the volumes and reading the chapters.  Part 1 introduces us to the basic situation, the Joestars, Dio, etc.  Part 3 is the "meat" of the series, although reletively short at only 15 volumes long in contrast to some later parts, it has a good cast, creative fights, and, of course...

Steamrollers.  One big-ass steamroller that Dio tries to drop on Jotaro at the end of their fight.

Will Jotaro escape an untimely death?  Will Dio reign supreme?  Will anyone even bother with this?

Yes, no, and how am I supposed to tell?!?

Saint Seiya Spam / What is with Hyoga and the eye?!?
« on: August 16, 2007, 08:33:22 PM »
I just read part 1 of Saint Seiya volume four... which included the fight of Hyoga vs. the Black Cygnus.  And sure enough, rather than ripe his duck head off his helmet, Black Cygnus rips his eyeball out to transfer to Ikki.

So... we have Hyoga causing Black Cygnus to lose his eyeball and later die.
Then we have Hyoga causing Isaac to lose his eyeball and later die.
In the manga, Hyoga got turned to stone by Algol, forcing Shiryu to fight him alone and lose his eyes.
And then Hyoga himself loses his eyeball and will eventually die of old age...

Seriously... the Black Saint arc of Saint Seiya set the standard for the fights...

1. Seiya falling off cliffs
2. Hyoga causing somebody losing an eye or two and/or killing a loved one
3. Shun's chains getting ripped to shreds yet miraculously reforming and killing the opponent in one hit once he fights seriously
4. Shiryu bleeding so bad he needs to run to the nearest Red Cross for emergency transfusions at least five times before the first commercial break.

General / Pegasus Suiseiken vs. Pegasus Rolling Crush
« on: August 16, 2007, 02:12:54 PM »
Specifically... which is stronger?  True, Seiya usually just resorts to spamming his Ryuseiken, but there are times he has used his other two attacks... and that's much more noticable in the manga.

For a while, I always thought the Rolling Crush was stronger, after all, that's the move that killed Misty.  That being said, Seiya never caused any damage whatsoever to Thanatos before using the Suiseiken... and his Rolling Crush was shot down effortlessly by Thanatos.

It's confusing to me... comments, anyone?

 :seiya: :seiya: :seiya: :seiya: :seiya: :seiya:

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